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Dirt rally crashes on startup


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Basically my D drive got rekt yesterday for whatever reason - which is where I had Steam and all my games installed. So I basically lost everything. I remained hopeful though, thanks to this cloud save thing. So I re-installed Steam and Dirt on my E: drive. Not only did the game not even ask whether I wanted the cloud thing (is this an automatic process?), but now it won't even reach the intro before it crashes to desktop. I doubt it has anything to do with my specs or drivers since they're the same as always and Dirt has never crashed on me before, but I shall post them, regardless.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
16gb ram
GTX 960 4gb
Logitech G27

All drivers are up to date. I also tried launching the game without having the wheel plugged in, without any luck.

I feel that I should mention that Dirt Rally was running while I became aware of the strange noise from the PC, upon which I pulled the plug without closing the game first. Maybe I corrupted something?
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  • Codemasters Staff
Could you try renaming the DiRT Rally folder in \Documents\My Games, just in case something from there is using a path.

If that does not work could you try the following:
Right click DiRT Rally in the list of games on the left in Steam, select Properties
Select Set Launch Options and set it to "--logging" (no speech marks)
run the game again
When it crashes, go back to properties and select Local Files and then Browse Local Files
There should be a recently new file in there, could you mail that to dirtgame@codemasters.com

Then we can have a look at what is happening.

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And I thought I had problems when I signed in today and it asked me to create a new game save because my old one was corrupt.
Nothing in Steam cloud?

I think my DR did manage to fetch a cloud save, because to my surprise, the folder was in userdata - dated the very day my HD broke. I also managed to find a very old backup in my Fraps folder (I'm so random, haha) from 4 months ago, that I put in its stead to see whether it would help my game to launch. It did not. So... I put the cloud one back.

I am very curious as to why Dirt refuses to launch now... @CMMcBabe has emailed me quite a lot of advice, and none of them has worked. Hopefully this resourceful dude has more tricks up his sleeve.
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Thanks for brining the champ back!
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