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Multiplayer: freeze on start of the race [PC]


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I wanted to report a bug related to multiplayer. Sometimes the game freezes at the start of the race. Everyone is on the grid, the countdown to race start finishes, but the red lights never appear. You are just stuck waiting for them and nothing happens. Moreover I cannot exit the game when this happens. I can't go to pause menu, and properly exit. I can't exit by Alt+F4- it also doesn't work. Only solution is to shut down F1 process form Task Manager...

What's intresting it seems to be everyones problem in the race. I exited by shutting down the process from Task Manager, started F1 2016 again and found that session. I joined as a spectator and found out that the race is still stuck at the same moment, right before the start! 
I noticed this bug today, and i had it 3 times in like 7-8 races. It hasn't occured before for me so that's a little weird, maybe some recent patches are responsible for this?

P.S. This bug occurs only during multiplayer sessions, i never had these problems in single player mode.
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