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Disqualified under SC- Xbox one 1.5


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Well... I was running a 50% race in career mode (canada if you want to know), the safety car is deployed after Grojean forgot turn 1 existed, the race engineer advices me to pit, which I do, like all other drivers.
Upon exiting the pits I join the SC, still in the lead, then the game takes over (like at the end of the formation lap), I get teleported back to the pit, get to be serviced once more, get teleported again at the original location (turn 4) this time in 5th place.
And last but not least, I get DSQ'ed on the spot.

Of course I rewind to check if I did something wrong,  all three attempts end up the same way : DSQ for going the "wrong way" according to the post race incident report.

As a bonus I even get to see latino Horner celebrate a "well earned" victory.
(the latino is in reference to Horner ingame tan/skin tone)

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