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[PC 1.3.1 (NOW ON 1.5.0)] Car Setup (Especially Brake Pressure) Changes After Flashbacks?


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I've been racing with 50% Brake Pressure to slow myself down to make the game slightly harder and to also make tyre saving more relaxing. But I noticed during my current race in Hockenheim in a Red Bull in Career mode that immediately after a flashback, I think my stopping power got so much stronger.

I've noticed this in the past in Catalunya. I can't remember whether it was a flashback or a mid-session save, but I do remember that I was driving on full wets, so I thought it might have been my own poor judgment rather than the Brake Pressure actually changing.

Any way you guys can look into this? Has anyone else noticed any setup changes after using a flashback or a mid-session save?
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PC 1.5.0
  • Started Mexico 100% on Softs with Brake Pressure 50%.
  • Mid-Session Save around Lap 17.
  • Returned later, Mid-Session Load around Lap 17.
  • Pit-stop Lap 28 for a new set of Softs.
  • Noticed Brake Pressure was too much immediately after pit-stop. Too much to simply be caused by fresh tyres.
  • Mid-Session Save and Load.
  • Brake Pressure returned to normal.

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Not trying to spam or bump, but I thought it'd help to know that it happened again in the exact same manner.
  • Mid-session save
  • Return later with mid-session load
  • Brake Pressure changes after a pit-stop
  • Issue is fixed by saving/loading

Who knows if there are other car setup changes happening as well.
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