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Building a Rallycar

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Building a rallycar

As perhaps many of you already know is that beside playing rally games I also compete in real rallies,

I started my rallycareer in a Peugeot 205 GTI, we had lots of fun and after 3 seasons we thought It was time to go to something faster.
We started our new rally project; the Peugeot 206 RC (Cup car)

First step was to buy a Peugeot 206 , our Peugeot sponsor sponsored us a Peugeot 206 so we could start disassemble the car
It was just a normal road car once.... but new life was waiting for this little Lion!:

We totally disassemble the car, nothing was left untouched. Every item was renewed or developed for the rallysport. because rallydring is not just driving... the rallycar gets it really hard at the rallystages!

Beside disassembling we also did some small preparations to the bodywork, for a better seat fitting and some small adjustments to service the car quicker between the rallies

After everything was stripped of from the Peugeot we had to go to the rollcage builder for a safety cage.

We where almost done with the bodywork. Some small adjustments where made to make the body stiffer and stronger

Beside the bodywork we also disassemble and rebuild the Engine and gearbox:

After all the bodywork preparations it was time to get some colour; The paintshop:

With a fresh colour at the rallycar it was time to reassemble the car:

Many many many hours went in the electrical wiring, every single wire is new and totally renewed.

 Beside the electra there was still lots to build:

Lightpods that had to fit:

And the car had to get a cool livery ofcourse!

With as result this amazing Peugeot 206 Rallycar, we totally did 4 months about building the car, mostly in the evening hours and Saturdays,...

2013 was a test year for the rallycar with lots of ups and downs. This year new goals and new changes!

If you have any questions or would like to know anything, feel free to ask! :D

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