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(US) Xbox League Racing???


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I was if there was any interest to run a League here in the States Possibly on Saturday Mornings or Night? If we can get enough people together to fill a Custom Cup Room, we can decide what Discipline or cars to use. Or maybe switch it up and Change from week to week. You would be racing with the Same Guys/Girls every week and gaining valuable XP points. 

So Who's Interested???

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What discipline you like Taco? 

I would like to be able to run races that everybody owns cars in so they can run their own Liveries. 

I was thinking:


Class C, Class B, Super Touring, Super Utes, Mini Cup

Open Wheel:

Formula C, Formula B


Modified, Muscle


E30, Performance, GT, Coupe, Hot Hatch


???? I'll buy what ever class someone wants to run. 

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in the Touring i own Class C, Super Utes, Mini Cup. but i would love to race Class C.......

Open Wheel i own, Formula B but i can buy a Formula C if that is what we would race.

Tuner i dont own any of those. but i can buy one.

Street i own a Hot Hatch, Coupe.

i dont own any Endurance cars

I FAVORITE Discipline is Touring hands down. but i would be okay with the other Four Disciplines if we raced those

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Yeah I own Touring cars (all of them) and Formula C and Formula B. I'm a fan of the Hot Hatch in Street but don't own one right now, easily fixed. Turner I own the Mustang from Modified section. I like the Tuner cars because they have Muscle and Modified and are fun to drive. 

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