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GRID 2 (PS3) - Racenet freezes my PS3


Hi to all. Since last two days I have huge issue with racenet on PS3. I choose Grid Online, than Global Chalenge. A lot of times I have Connection Error mesage, but when it openes I can see leaderboard and choose game to play. BUT, after I made my choice my PS3 freezes and I have to forceclose it. the message is 'PLEASE WAIT Communicating with RaceNet...' and it does not help if I restart console (I have to because it is frozen), when I go with this procedure my PS3 freezes again. It does not matter if I choose the same event or different, result is the same. It started yesterday when I was playing one global event and my score was not able to register to racenet and this freezing sitation started. No matter what I tried Racenet refused to reconnect so I had to restart PS3 but after that above mentioned problem ocured.

BUT, on my PS3 I have another account. When I start GRID2 and go to the same event, it starts just normally. It never hangs/freezes, even I have a feeling that it is loaded much faster (could be that on this second account I have only my other account as a friend and rival, but on my main account I have 10 of them.

On secondary account I can play game normally. After I switch account again to my normal/primry account, I am able to start event which previously frost my PS3. But, happines is not lasting long because when I set new score RaceNet communication goes back to problematic (connectin error, try to reconect...' because I have tried to reconect for 30 times I decided to restart PS3 and it started but now when I try to  start event it FREEZES my PS3.... Only help is to go to secondary account and start the game with secondary account which makes playing on primarr acount (secondary account works perfectly.)
I don't know what is wrong, is the problem in PS3 and maybe corrupt HDD, or this is problem which racenet produces when downloading data......

Both accounts I have are on the same console,
Game is purchased online (no corrupt DVD).

Strange that the same game on one console works perfect on one account, but second account freezes console.

I'mlvl45 so I would be unhappy if I have to delete all account data..

Thank you for your help

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