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Corrupted save fixed itself?


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So I have had 2 corrupted saves, both of them have been left waiting for the fix to come out so I have not played the game in about a week an a half. Today I moved one of my saves to my USB drive so I can start a new game have a few races with my team mates . 

So yeah, I got disconnected to xbox live and when I Logged in I had 3 saves to chose from, my lvl 92 corrupted save (which I moved to USB and still connected to my xbox) my lvl 74 save (cloud) and my new lvl 1(hard drive). I decided to check them again as I usually do every few days in hope more than anything just to see if they started working again and to my surprise my lvl 92 save on my USB is working again!!!! 

I don't understand how or why, don't ask me, I cant answer if I tried.... but I'm certainly not complaining.... @loore any suggestions on how this happened?

Has this happened to anyone else??

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SASBlink said:

After 4 days of not turning my  xbox off and leaving grid in continuously playing, yeah it was good until my game crashed and my file got re-corrupted .... it was good while it lasted *le sigh* 

Well this is a bit extreme thing to do, don't you think?

Anyway HURRY UP with this nasty issue CODIES, slap Microsoft/Sony do whatever is necessary and give us the patch!!!

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Well i got my corrupted save back again. 

This is my theory to why it happened.

I played a new game, did about 50 races, a few racenet challenges and due to the race net restarting a few hours later I gained about 400k from rewards. I bought a load of new cars, did a few races and let the game autosave without tuning or modifying any cars then sold them all not long afterwards, then I let the game atuosave again. 

I went to options and settings- driver details- new driver. This sent me back to the start title screen, the game come up with a message saying "syncing accounts" (which includes saved games)  and when I clicked the corrupted backup save and it worked again and I had my corrupted save restored.

 I think the syncing of accounts and saves is the most  important part, I also think that the second most important part is including a new save game which has been played to a certain extent which has no full or partly corrupted files on it. 

I feel that the "pure" file helped the old Corrupted saves come workable again due to the syncing effect.

I have gave some of team members these steps to follow and a few ave had their saves back and the majority have not. Im guessing the corrupted saves have several reasons to why they get corrupted, I have no idea to why or how. This fixed mine and the few people who had the same corrupted reason as me had theirs back also. 

Note, the game WILL go corrupt again the next time to switch it off!! (my team mates have confirmed this), im NOT saying this is a fix but a a slight glitch in the system so you can play the game with your old cars. Im leaving the game on continuously while I'm out and about to avoid this.

I think this is the reason (or close to/a part of the reason) my first save came back before a week or so back, it was purely accidental that time but ever since then I have been trying to figure out how it came back and I think the syncing of accounts and the saves plus the "pure save" is the reason.

Also, dont ask me how I know if the save is "pure", I have no idea, it just worked this one time. The other 15 attempts before this one to try and mimic the accidental one a week or so back did not work, so yeah.... :/

Like I said, its probs wont work for you, but it did for me and only a few others, so dont complain to me if it dont work out.

Just a theory, could be wrong and a completely random reason causing the saves to come back  lol, but i find this intersesting.. :P

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