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After 1 week(almost)with 1.5.0 issues

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Well after a week (almost) with the new update(1.5.0) i found those issues:
1.AI keeps sticking and chrashing in the back(this issue is for  all the modes career,champions mode,quick race mode)the AI cars intentionally running into you.
2.Tyre wear is more than preview version(1.3.1)i played 50% race distance.
3.The damage mode i played every time in full damage and sometimes do not get anything the car(in the preview version 1.3.1 the damage is absolutely perfect)
4.I know and i see that is reported from other people the gear not showing on steering wheel display in cockpit view(for me it hapen one or two times for all ofline modes)
5.Sparks,i remember in 1.3.1 version is more more sparks by all the cars on track,now yes i see sparks but no so much.
6.In blue flags sometime not step aside.
7.Safety car,i see very big crash and i dont see safety car to come out,and I would like to see Safety car waiting all the cars to come near to get in.
8.The preview t-cam its more better.
9.And last is the no good optimization for 2 tracks,i mean(Bacu&Singapore)i lost 5-8 fps.I want more stability to all tracks

These are noticed so far and i believe the preview version(1.3.1)its more stable.

PS.Everything I mentioned are in oflline mode and the PC version.

Thanks,and i hope really hope fix those issues because the game is perfect.

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