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Firstly I appologize if this is in the wrong section of the forum.

I've come across a really annoying bug in Grid Autosport pc that I have seen other posts about. The last 2 cars I have bought have bugged out after being used just once. The first was a Lancia Delta Intergrale which I bought for the street racenet challenge. I used it for one race then at the end when hitting ok to collect the xp my game just auto restarted and continued to do so on every other attempt at the challenge. After checking the  value of the car it shows $0 and if I try to sell it I just get an error message saying Internal error. So I had to buy yet another garage slot and another Lancia which has no issues at all.

The next one is the  2007 McLaren Mercedes SLR 722 from the Best of British car pack. I bought it even though I had paid for the dlc which should give me automatic ownership of the car, applied my club livery and did one online race after which I clicked ok to collect my xp only for the game to instantly auto restart. On checking the value of the car it now shows as $0 like the Lancia.

As I've said I've seen other posts on this forum about the same issue so would like to know when we're likely to see a fix for this please?

Edit: After reading more threads on this issue it seems present on all platforms too. WTF!

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ganjiry said:

As I've said I've seen other posts on this forum about the same issue 

Yet you still felt the need to post another whole new thread about it…?

Yup because Codemasters weren't replaying to the other threads. 

You criticise my thread but make a totally useless post? GTFO! Bitching for the sake of it.  

Here I quoted a quote wrongly so you can moan about that too.

Edit: Yesterdays patch sorted this problem and I was able to sell the cars that had been bugged.

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