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Rallycross Group Times

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What is going on with the Rallycross groups? Seriously its brought me to the point of me not even wanting to play it, it seems like there's a type of rubberbanding compared to your pace. My group is always seconds ahead of the other groups no matter the ability of the AI drivers. 

E.g I come first in my first race in the group, cool. Its a bit odd how every other car in my group is so much fast then the other drivers, but maybe I got unlucky and had the best drivers in my group? So I do really badly on purpose in my next two races to fall down the groups. In my next race they're still faster than everyone else even though I'm in the group with the slowest drivers! 

This seriously needs to be sorted out, rubberbanding in racing games is like getting a knife and sticking it in your eye.

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