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[AUSTRALIA] Perth vs New South Wales

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In the eventuality of DiRT Rally having Rally Australia in the game, which one would you prefer to have?
Here are a few facts to help you decide.

Rally in Perth, Western Australia:
- Classic, historical rally (1988-2006).
- The dirt is "more red" in some places.
- Features the famous Bunnings Jumps stage (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9MpSKTuYLY)
- All the iconic pilots and world champions drove this rally, except for Ogier.

Rally in New South Wales, Eastern Australia:
- Held in this location since 2006 up to present.
- The dirt is more "light-yellowish" than in Perth.
- Not really famous stages but they are a bit harder (more rocks and ruts).

Feel free to vote! So when Paul and his team behind DiRT ask themselves which one to do, perhaps the community will help a bit with this decision.
I'm gonna do a similar topic for Spain and Italy, as they have changed as well.

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