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PC v1.6.0 - Patch Notes

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Good afternoon everyone, we've just set live a new PC patch, version 1.6.0.

Patch notes
  • Added the Master difficulty option to bridge the gap between Expert and Legend.
  • Changed the tyre rules so the tyre you start the race on counts as a mandatory for the race.
  • Falling too far behind penalties will no longer be given after being told to overtake the Safety Car.
  • Corrected a few translation issues.
  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause race sessions to never end.
  • Fixed a number of crash bugs.
I'm going to lock this thread and ask that any issues be raised in the Technical Assistance forum and that any discussion be done in specific threads in the General Discussion forum and see how that works out.

Console patches will be forthcoming but they're going to be a few more days at least. We'll keep you posted about those.

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