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Boost Pack Downloading Problems

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I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble downloading the Boost pack on the Xbox 360?

The problem is that it starts to download, and once it hits 1% it goes back to 0% then a message appears saying it can't download the pack.

I have a few other friends that have the same problems, and the Boost Pack doesn't download on the AUS/NZ marketplace.

The download took the money off my account that I know for sure, so hopefully someone from Codemasters can look into the problem and hopefully post something in here about it, or at the very least give me a refund.

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Loore said:

We're working with Microsoft to address the problem, unfortunately it does seem like it's a fairly widespread issue, as a quick Google search will detail that it's not just Autosport that suffers from this but a whole variety of games.

Appreciate that's not good enough though so we'll keep pressing and as soon as we hear anything from them we'll let you know.

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