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Colin McRae Rally now available on PC and Mac


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Today we’ve gone flat out for #throwbackthursday today with the release of Colin McRae Rally, featuring classic retro rally gameplay, made all nice and shiny, for PC and Mac.

This latest version of Colin McRae Rally is based on PlayStation One classic Colin McRae 2.0. It follows the release of Colin McRae Rally on the App Store last year, which became the number one rally game in many countries around the world, and calls from you guys to bring that classic Colingameplay back to more platforms.  That process started with a release on Android and Blackberry earlier this year, and today we launch on Steam!

This version features handling and physics inspired by Colin McRae Rally 2.0 and is upgraded with re-mastered audio and definitively fancier 1080p graphics. You’ll find yourself tackling 30 classic rally stages with a combined distance of over 130km in four legendary cars: the Ford Focus, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, Lancia Stratos and the Subaru Impreza.\

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Colin McRae game without co-driver Nicky Grist at your side, and he’s on hand to read out the pace notes as you hurtle through the Australian outback, climb the mountains of Greece and barrel through the tight and twisty tarmac roads of Corsica.

Out now, you can enjoy all the retro thrills of the original Colin McRae games on today’s machines for less than the price of a couple of pints, and racing is particularly great when using the d-pad, as it would have been played on the PlayStation back in the day. It’s pretty cheap, pretty fun and it really captures that original experience.

We hope you enjoy it whether you were around for the first time and fancy a bit of nostalgic rally action or are curious to see where our DiRT games started out.


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Very nice Codies, although far from perfect.

Wish this was on the EGO engine not Unity, the control binding is a bit fiddly to get right, and the controls themselves (G27) are a bit wonky while driving. The menus are also terribly slow to navigate, having to wait for the whole animation to finish before it will register your next input. Finally being able to get driving properly, i noticed the cars bog down very easily, and changing gears seem to act in a strange and unrealistic manner.

Nevertheless, its a fun little game for the price, if a little unrefined.

However, i plead everyone to buy this, to encourage Codie's to put all non-Steam titles on to Steam (or back on in some cases). That means the Toca games, and the other CMR games, aswell as DiRT 1+2!

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Why not the proper selection of CMR 2 cars? I disliked the selection on the mobile release and now I'm very annoyed that it is the same selection on the PC release. Why no 206, Corolla or no Cordoba? They were my favourite cars in the first.

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I spent some time last night playing this, and I really liked the driving itself. It was wonderful to have a go at this game again. Everything else was negative in my opinion. The content is really stripped down, and the little content there is, is locked until you complete certain championships.

So for me, eventually this re-release of CMR 2 is a disappointment. As the little content doesn't justify getting the game for me.

I mean, why not take the full original game, make it compatible with modern hardware (graphics card, ram, CPU, controllers) and compatible with Windows 7 and 8. That in itself, even without any graphical improvements, would have been preferable to this stipped down release. And something I'd gladly spend some money on.

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It's just a port of the Ipad version.... How they can call it a HD version of the old Colin McRae is beyond me. Most of what was in the original and 2 is not in this game. 4 cars  and only one is unlocked from the start. This video sums it up nicely that was posted in another part of the forum earlier. http://youtu.be/1MdFa4R6_hk

Sorry for only posting a link but I haven't a clue how to get it on here lol

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