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[F1 2016 PC] - Car unexpectedly turns on it's own


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So I finally got F1 2016 after two months and I was in the russian grand prix when all of a sudden It was so difficult to steer I could barely keep it on the track. After like 15mins I got upset and changed batteries in my controller and then I could still barely keep it on the track but now the car would just unexpectedly turn to the left or right, It didn't matter if I steered in that direction at all. I would be on a straight...press the brakes turn and then I go flying in a random direction. After awhile I just quit the game and tried it later with my keyboard and the same thing happened again, also I tried it in career mode and in a quick race so it's not a career mode bug. Heres some examples of what it looks like cause it's hard to describe.




I did some research and I found that other people have this same issue too, but I havent found any solutions yet. Also I tried it when the tires are at optimal temperature and when I just went onto the track.





1. It happens in quick race and career mode
2. Single player
3. All tracks ive tried sochi, abu dabi, montreal
4. I've tried toro rosso and mercedes.
5. All graphic cards are updated.
6. http://pastebin.com/WY31A5Dy
7. No other issus.
8. It happens every race

 The only thing I will try maybe reinstalling the game but it's like 30gb+ and I would love to avoid redownloading that.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.
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