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PS4 - Thrustmaster T500rs (F1 rim) - MFD makes changes to car without being prompted


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F1 2016 = latest patch installed
Platform = PS4
Wheel = T500rs (F1 rim) - updated to latest firmware - v43

Makes changes to car settings while racing without any prompting from “user”.

This is really frustrating especially when you pit for a set of tyres (yes that is how we spell tyres in Australia) only to see the pit crew putting on the wrong tyres, ie Wet tyres, dry race?! WT??

Can be racing when you notice the drivers (I always race in cockpit view) hand come off the wheel and the MFD come up with a change to Brake Bias or Differential or worse the tyre selection for the next pit stop.  All happening without any interaction from me!?
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