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100% Race F1 Racing league PC Fridays

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Hello, I'm part of the FUSION F1 Racing league.

We currently have 14 active members each week and are looking for a few more to fill up the grid, we have had 9 seasons over the 4 F1 games on PC. (2010-2013)

We all respect each other and crashes rarely happen but are sorted out after the race.

We run with most assists allowed however braking assist, pit assist and traction control are banned

Our races are on Friday @ 8PM GMT. We practice on Mondays and Wednesdays 8PM GMT. We use TeamSpeak to communicate.

We are currently racing F1 2013 and our next season will be F1 2014.

We are well organised with our custom coded league tables and stats and strong leadership.

If you are still interested in joining then head over to our forums, http://www.fusion-squad.eu/forum/

Or if you feel like asking a few more questions then add me on steam: henno_garvie1


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