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Pastor Maldonado Award 2016

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Hey guys!

I had an idea to create a special award for one driver from all racing series across the world. Pastor Maldonado is a special driver, we all know that. His skill were highly appreciated by the whole F1 community, even be the race stewards. When he left F1 before the 2016 season, he left a huge gap in the community. Someone had to replace him as the consistent guest in the stewards' office. I don't count only F1's stewards office, because it can be the office from every race series across the world. Some of them were really strong in that classification this year. Some of them had one, but very big "Crashtorlike" moment. The choice will be yours, you can add drivers and riders,when you feel my choice isn't the best. So I open this thread in October to give you a month for giving me the candidates. After the F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi on November 27th, I will create a poll and in December the winner for 2016 will be announced. This is the first year of that award and I hope to continue it for many next years.

Now, I'll give my choice. They are based on 2 series I follow the most: F1 and Moto GP. If you have your candidate, feel free to let me know about it and I'll include him in the final poll.
- Daniil Kvyat (F1, Red Bull, Toro Rosso) - mainly for Russian GP and double contact with Sebastian Vettel
- Andrea Iannone (Moto GP, Ducati Corse) - many DNFs, now injured, taking out Dovizioso on the final lap in Argentina
- Sebastian Vettel (F1, Ferrari) - not the best seasons for Seb, crashes, complaints, few podiums and Malaysia first lap accident
- Esteban Gutierrez (F1, Haas) - Australian GP, most known for blue flags incidents for the whole year
- Sam Lowes (Moto 2, Gresini Racing) - many, many crashes. He took some wins, but after them he recorded lots of DNFs

Remember those are only my thoughts, feel free to discuss them and add your candidates. The goal is to choose the successor of Pastor in the racing world. I will be very pleased if you get involved into that too, because this is the community award.

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