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PC - Save game bug?

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Whenever I try to load my save game from the start screen the game crashes out and reloads itself. When I then try again and select my save, the problem recurs, infinitely.

Is there anything I can do to resolve it? Or at least salvage my savegame?

I had to delete my last save to fix it, but I REALLY don't want to go through the first couple of races again.

Each time the apparent corruption occurs is when the game is saved in between qualifying sessions (not mid-session) before I exit the game, so I'm wondering if that's the cause.

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Okay, I think this is resolved...


It appears to be an issue with Steam Cloud synchronisation. The game struggles to sync up with the cloud after exiting the game, causing the save game to corrupt. It may well be down to save-quitting during a race weekend, but I can't confirm this.

Turning the cloud sync feature off via Steam preferences appears to fix the problem. You'll still need to restart your career though, which is a shame.

Note to Codemasters: It's generally a good idea to test the stuff that you're putting into the game. With previous games it was the doomed GFWL, now it's Steam Cloud.... If it's broken, don't include it. Just saying.

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