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Wheel users....no more BS'ing around with CM and their crappy wheel support!

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We now have a solution, gentlemen. It doesn't matter *WHAT* wheel you have, or whether you're onn PS4 or PC....a solution has been bestowed upon us....

I would like to introduce you to the new version of GIMX!!



GIMX just released a new version! This is a program that normally  allows you to emulate a Logitech G29 wheel on a Playstation 3 or 4 from another Logitech wheel. But now there is a new version that allows you emulate the G27/G29 using [b]ANY[/b] steering wheel or usb device, not just on PS4 but now the PC!

That's right...you can now play ANY of Codemasters' games using **ANY** steering wheel you want, and the game will think you're using a Logitech G27! Meaning full support!! GRID 2 acting up with your old Thrustmaster wheel? Not a problem, use GIMX. F1 2016 not behaving properly with your OSW? No sweat, use GIMX. Wanna play F1 2016 on PS4 using your Fanatec? Go right ahead. Here's how it works....

Using two windows machines, one acting as one big controller "hub", you can connect all your wheel and other devices to that machine and emulate a G27 using one PC as the "Target PC" and the other PC as the source or "Controller Hub", if you will. GIMX will now essentially turns ANY set of multiple of USB controllers into a "Virtual G27"!! In my specific case, I am using the following controllers:

Leo Bodnar wheel
HPP PRX Pedals
DSD RaceKing Button Box
Manu Factory Shifter
Fanatec CSS Shifter
Sony DualShock 4

GIMX turns all of these devices into one "Virtual G27" and every game that previously gave me trouble because it either doesn't recognize my Bodnar wheel properly or has issues with multiple controllers connected, is now working flawlessly!

No more messing around with games that don't work properly with multiple USB devices. Now I have, for all intents and purposes, a G27, that's customize-able to [b]MY[/b] liking, and I can combine as many controllers as I want and map any button or axis to ANY function on the "Virtual G27" that I want. And in case you're wondering, yes it delivers *TRUE*  force feedback effects with no...and I mean ZERO lag. All FFB effects work and are delivered to my wheel with the same clarity and detail as the "raw" FFB Bodnar signal.

Matlo(GIMX author) has JUST decided to make this Virtual G27 firmware available to the public and posted it on his forum. If you want to use GIMX here is what you'll need:

1)An extra windows machine. Doesn't matter how weak or powerful the PC is. I picked up an old crappy HP Probook on ebay for $100 last week specifically for this purpose and it works perfectly! Just make sure it has USB 2.0 ports.

2)A GIMX adapter. You can build your own adapter, or order one from Steve: http://www.steve-marton.com/gimx/?product=diy-usb-adapter-for-gimx . And yes, I know it says ".....on PS4", but this new firmware is custom and designed specifically for windows.

3)The firmware: available in this GIMX forum thread.... https://forum.gimx.fr/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1804 .  Scroll down to the post with the date Fri Oct 28, 2016 12:22 am.

That's pretty much it guys. I know most people on here already own Logitech G25 or G27 wheels so this probably won't really interest you. GIMX is for people like me who fall into the following categories:

1)Owners of wheels and hardware that fall into the "niche" category such OSWs, Accuforce, Bodnars,
etc that want to play games that don't support them or have very poor support for these controllers(*cough*basicallyAllcodemastersgames*cough*cough*).

2)Those with Fanatec wheels, or other unsupported wheels wanting to play Forza Horizon 3 on PC,

3)Those with Fanatec wheels and want to use them on the PS4(yes this actually works, people!).

4)Those who uses multiple devices simultaneously, who play games that bitch about, well... multiple devices :) For us this application is a GODSEND because it combines all your devices into one, and you map anything you want to ANY button or axis on your "Virtual" G27!! No fuss, no muss!!

Give it a try guys. It's something I've been beta testing with Matlo for a while we feel it's now far along enough to make it available for the masses. The software in completely free, and you can build the adapter yourself using Teensy or other knockoff boards(I'm using an Arduino-based Leonardo Board from Steve). This is something you will NOT see from the makers of ChronusMax(at least not any time soon).

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