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[PS4] Some issues I ran into


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I recently rented F1 2016 to give it a more proper look and to find out whether or not it is worth to buy. First of all, no it's not. Second, here are some issues I ran into you might look into, or not, I certainly couldn't be arsed to give it a more proper look.

1: There is a weird graphical glitch in the cutscene ending qualifiyng. I've ran into it with Kvyat in Singapore after completing Q1. Looks like a weird "glitch bubble" on top of his head. No biggie, but not necessary.
2: The pixelated screen in Australia under certain light conditions. Yeah, well, you know about that one.
3: The sparks are for some reason toned down to the point where you're barley able to see them. Not sure why. But hey, the sparks were also an issue in F1 2015. You got to have some traditions!
4: Debris from crashes stays on the track for the entire race distance. Seems like some patch fired the marshals. Poor blokes.
5: Sometimes one car stays in the garage in Q3, setting only one timed lap. No idea what causes it, seems random.
6: Ran through full qualifiyng in Russia. Started on the wrong tyre. Same with most of the top 10 runners. I also was able to change the tyres. Funny. Seems like I've missed a rule change.
7: Weird motor stuttering when using TC. And please no one tell me this is how engines are supposed to sound when you're using TC. This was never the case in previous games, and quite frankly, it sound horrendous and nowhere near like real TC.

And 2 more things: Drivers sit way too low. I know you guys changed the seating position, but seriously, the poor Ferrari drivers can't see shit. And I'm still unsure about the safety car. Looks like it's being deployed after someone knocks their front wing off, while other times it can't be bothered even though there's a massive pile-up in Monaco.
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