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Message added by PJTierney,

Did you know that the long-time members of this thread have had a DiRTy Gossip Discord server for a while?

You do now 😉 



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I've been following tweets, hints, interviews and posts appearing from Codemasters on the next rally game. I wanted to put the information in one place so that we can all try reading too much into it all 🙂
If you spot a hint or an article please post in this thread - cheers!
(Arranged in a slightly random order...)
Codies Weekly Update blog entry 11-04.2014
It’s like the calm before the storm this week, developers are getting builds ready, the PR guys are preparing PR stuff and the Community Team are busy teasing something… 
When I read the above I got very excited! The teaser next week may be for the next racing game (GRID TOCA?), F1 2014 (too early in the year IMO) or 😐 maybe just maybe the next rally game. Even a gaming site picked up this teasing paragraph🙂
Throwback Thursday tweets
#tbt can mean many things, but I'll read into this what I want - the next game will be much closer to CMR series than ever 🙂
Great write up by @justbiglee on what DiRT devs were up to when they travelled to Wales to spectate on WRC Rally Wales GB. Would they bother if they weren't making something? 🙂
Very interesting insight into how Paul and Jon decided to compete as a team on rally stages. So now chief designer on the next rally game is an active co-driver and project manager is a rally driver? I'd say that's a pretty good set up for developing an authentic rally game 🙂
Drivers visiting Codies
Tom Cave
Liam Doran
David Binks
(I think there were others, but I can't find them just now)
'so unbelievably stoked about the whole direction we're going in and the authenticity we've managed to get just from basically stripping back the system right down to its core; and starting building it back up piece by piece. It still feels like a great rally game, but it's so much more authentic in every way'
Other hints/snippets/guesses:
@dirtgame tweeting about WRC, Dakar and RX 
A short video posted by DiRT Art Director showing an innovative in-car camera view (video was later taken down)
To be continued...
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I'm 99.9% positive Codies has a DiRT game in the works. Based on the tweets it's just a matter of when they will make the announcement. Hoping it's for next-gen and also hoping they announce ToCA 4 (sorry to go off-topic at the end).
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KickUp said:
I think the game on those monitors were confirmed to be DiRT 3?
Confirmed by who?
I think it's very unlikely Doran would've bothered to come in to play DiRT 3 - he can do that at home :)
It must be from the new game.

Also looking at this pic: http://instagram.com/p/gGWfugEQHy/
I'm struggling to identify, which DiRT 3 stage this could be from. I don't think Kenya has got a section like this.
 (narrow and with trees close by)
Whoever took the pic was very careful, but why would they be careful if it was DiRT3? :)
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Azoresst said:
Looks like is not today that we have a DiRT game announced!  :P
There is probably a press event this week or was today, however some companies impose and embargo on information to be released.  Apple allows the press to preview hardware all the time a couple of weeks (sometimes) prior to an announcement, after the official announcement, the embargo is lifted and the press can go nuts.  I think its a little bit of a control, and fairness to those in the press that may be 'in the back of the line' to see the product.  Can't have the first guy to sit down a take his turn to play, or even to get through the door and twitter about it, so he can be first to break the news.

Codies are pretty secretive, and may even as to have people check their phones, etc in at a desk so no one can leak info at that moment

Probably looks like this there:


Press can be brutal at times, hahah

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Azoresst said:
Looks like is not today that we have a DiRT game announced!  :P
Looks like it, but based on @dirtgame Monday tweets Codies are not the biggest Monday fans..

I'm actually very intrigued by PR in video games industry. Why are developers sometimes quite secretive? Is it the obvious reason of being concerned that a competitor would use the ideas/technology to release a game earlier and take market share? Or is there more to it?

I guess wherever big sums of money are involved IP needs to be protected.

Is there a perfect time of a week to release gaming news? Kind of the opposite of politicians looking for a big event to hide their bad news? :P 

In any case I'm quietly hoping this Gossip thread will become a bit obsolete pretty soon :)
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There's a media event at Lydden Hill today where Liam Doran will show off his car:

I think also Andrew Jordan will show his vehicle for his World RX apperance: 

New pics:

On April 23rd World RX is having a big media day in Italy so if RX was to be officially licensed in the next game maybe it would be announced there.

Maybe I should stop getting my hopes up... This Blog tease could be for Grid/TOCA game

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