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Message added by PJTierney,

Did you know that the long-time members of this thread have had a DiRTy Gossip Discord server for a while?

You do now 😉 



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Yeah, the car models look simplified - i like the stage, looks fun, call outs are sub par and boring with a lower quality audio than i've heard from in car audio on rallys.

I get they're trying to show suspension movement, but most of what they're getting across is the dampers are shot and need replacing, talk about pogo stick :(  Started feeling a little queasy at the end there.
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So what exactly do they say?                            

He says word for word (my first language is french) :

"But since there is no more official licence (in V-rally 4) what is interesting is that they have less restrictions than in WRC 7 with the WRC championship." After that it's just the usual V-Rally 4 PR speak.

I don't think it actually confirm anything.
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Hmm, for me it is the most interesting that V-Rally 4 has got the VW Beetle GRX of Tanner Foust. Foust has like Ken Block a deal with Microsoft and Forza. So with V-Rally having the Foust Beetle, than I guess it should be no problem at all for Codemasters to have the full ARX field in the new game with the Impreza, Beetle (including Foust) and Focus (including Block). 

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gk9147 said:
its official 1:10 bigben and kylotonn no have licenses wrc at this moment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shCexDVHzq8 

is french video
My french isn't the best but aren't they just saying that they are detaching themselves a little from WRC? They still have the rights from the sentences before that and they are capitalizing on that. "Acquis" means assets?

Exactly! For this game they are not attached to the WRC license which has given them much more artistic freedom. Nowhere it has been said that they don't have the license anymore.

"Acquis" means assets? > More or less, they use WRC7 (engine/platform/physics) as a base and build on that for V-Rally4 with a few tweaks.

As for the carlist, it is a bit of a letdown. Not a single Peug, Subi or Toyota and I don't hold my hopes for the DLC. What I really like though is their trackgeneration in those environments. It seems much better than DIRT4 but it is also less dynamic. The stages look really nice and above all it comes with a photomode. Something I look very much forward to. Been trying to figure out the options but haven't got a response so far.

Track Generator from 5:30 !
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gfRally said:
er185 said:
Paul Rustchynsky has joined Slightly Mad Studios as Game Director on a project.
Good god, he must be slightly mad!!
Haha, my guess is he could be appointed to help make their rumoured Fast & Furious game ;) 
Either way I hope he can help them with development on the PS4 and console side of things. Was appalled at the state of Project Cars 2 when it first released on PS4, was like they’d outsourced it to another company to make a port of the PC version but did a right hash job of it, granted its in a much better state now after numerous patches
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But (for my feeling) apperently SMS can get quite easy licenses for cars and tracks for the pCARS game, compared to Codemasters. Or do they have a bigger team to do things, or they rush things more (and more bugs), a bigger name with pCARS, etc. Though the point is they have a lot more content in a game compared to DiRT4. Codemasters got the Fia WRX license, but in DiRT 4 not all cars were there, not all tracks, while the cars and tracks were even from the previous season (game released in summer 2017, while the WRX content was from 2016). 

Imo, if you have the Fia WRX license, you should have most of the season entries in it and all tracks. If you not can provide that, than maybe it is better not to have the license, and just have a mix of WRX, GRC and other series tracks and cars. 

Sorry that almost all my posts go about Rallycross
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cjr3559 said:
Surprised that nobody has asked Kylotonn if they are planning on DLC.  Maybe that’s where the Audi and Subaru models are hiding.
If they had the majority of Subaru rally cars licensed then thats fine but a little dumb to not have any in base product unless they would release 1 or 2 free before as a taste of what could be bought.  I don’t mind DLC that expands content over the year from a games first release.  Just don’t go loot-crate-stupid-greedy with it.  This is for everyone CM and anyone else.
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