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Message added by PJTierney,

Did you know that the long-time members of this thread have had a DiRTy Gossip Discord server for a while?

You do now 😉 



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gfRally said:
This is one of those things that I begged for after DR and we got something in D4.  While it was a good effort and what @dwkGravey posted is a great example, it just never felt satisfying.  So if this is the best we would get, I'd rather time be put into other aspects of the game.  Let us make and add our own liveries via templates in photoshop and allow for many skins to choose in game.  

If nothing more than user made skins and game generated window names/flags that would be good enough.   

Need more time spent on effects and that REPLAY system needs to go, please, refresh this, PLEASE (dying call for help voice)
Not everyone has a pc and can do that! I really like the livery editor, even if it’s as simple as dirt  4. It makes the car and team feel more like it’s yours
oops, sorry PCMR kicking in.  I understand everyone has likes and dislikes and simplicity is good too, maybe there is some kind of middle ground.  

@urgaffel needs paid more and given more compute cycles :)

Now who can we call out about replay?
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Dytut said:
need to fear the cuts. Both DR and D4 were waaaaaaay too nice with the damage.
perhaps, but what about those start and finish markers??? I actually managed to terminate a FWD GTI on them at the end of a Wales stage in Dirt 4 a few days ago, are those seeing adjustments in Dirt Rally 2.0?
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Regarding the livery editor: I really liked the system that was in Dirt 4. There are similar systems in SLRE and even Iracing. It's great for those of us lacking in either the time or the skill to make a really nice livery - it gives us the ability to make the car and team truly "ours" without having to spend an hour or 3 placing individual shapes and all that.
Of course the best system would be one that incorporates the "quick" system of Dirt 4 with a full system that could optionally be used a la GT Sport or Forza, but I'd be very happy with just the Dirt 4/SLRE style system. What I don't want is to be stuck with a few very limited canned liveries a la Dirt Rally.
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It must be so hard to implement genuine ai behaviour in rally games. Like Alvarez was super quick everywhere or in wrc7 ogier was quick everywhere. A proper risk vs reward mechanic must be so tough to implement as a tarmac specialist isn't always rubbish on gravel and vice versa.  How do you get an ai unit to react to championship position against a rally they  aren't typically strong in? It's nigh on impossible
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JZStudios said:
sqdstr said:
Real Gr.4 Escort MkII this time? Looks like it I think, no roof scoop anymore for starters.

*Edit*: On facebook they call it the 1976 Escort, so I guess we get the real classic this time :) 
Oh, they finally released that pic to the public? That's old hat now.  ;)
Anyone else think we should ban testers form posting here?
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