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Message added by PJTierney,

Did you know that the long-time members of this thread have had a DiRTy Gossip Discord server for a while?

You do now 😉 



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52 minutes ago, SimVansevenant said:

The Impreza still remains a bit of a mystery because of all the confusion.

Can someone please push @ChristinaMc's reset button so we can go to bed with our minds at ease? @urgaffel? Anyone?

Given how many times Christina has been tagged I suspect it may be a while before we get an answer! 

(like you though I am very keen to know!) 

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4 minutes ago, magpieracer48 said:
4 minutes ago, magpieracer48 said:

Her post on the Discord chat pretty much confirmed it to be the 2008 Impreza. 


But then a subsequent post on here said 2001 Impreza, which contradicts the details in the blog. 

5 minutes ago, carpa said:

May I suggest a Ford Transit for this task? 3a5e209e71c7d7f6810ed79428261498.jpg.d195f9a1862122d5a0c8a37b54f7edfa.jpg

Haha, the Transit is back again! :classic_laugh:

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1 hour ago, zissakos1 said:

oofff! It's difficult to express my feelings about Season 1.
I mean we have requested the old locations all the time, I myself said I'd be happy for remastered DR1 locations.
But there is absolutely NOTHING NEW for DR1 veterans here (maybe 1 or 2 cars, don't know, I'm not a car enthusiast).

I just (again!) don't understand the business strategy behind this.
Who thought it was a good idea to just rehash the old content and offer NOTHING NEW...?
Was it really so difficult to include ANYTHING NEW, like at least one new location or one new stage per location???

And please don't mention new physics/tyrechoice etc.
OF COURSE you get these features "for free" if you import the old locations into a new game with a new game engine/physics etc....

So yeah. Of course I'll buy it. But it could have been so much more...



You forgot to mention VR in summer...

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3 hours ago, teknoid85 said:

Monte Carlo Rally and other returning classic rally environments Germany and Sweden benefit from a significant visual uplift since the first DiRT Rally®. The new lighting system combined with improvements to the track materials, foliage and character models bring the locations to life even more – while the challenges of tyre choice, track degradation, updated handling physics, and the optional hardcore damage mode, all arriving to the franchise with DiRT Rally 2.0, provide a breadth of new ways to experience these iconic stages.

New vehicles to the DiRT Rally franchise also include the ŠKODA Fabia Rally, the BMW M1 Procar Rally, and the Subaru Impreza – all cars that have been highly-requested by the community in recent years. Those who have purchased the Season One content will also have access to a set of exclusive high reward in-game events and further in-game bonuses.

“It was important for us to not just include brand new content for DiRT Rally 2.0, but also to recognise the fan favourites from the previous titles”, commented Ross Gowing, Chief Games Designer. Gowing continued, “The improvements the team have made for DiRT Rally 2.0 are plain to see, and Monte Carlo is a shining example of that. I think it looks incredible, and I hope our players feel the same way too.

We are making a significant commitment to expanding the DiRT Rally 2.0 experience for the players that have been calling for us to do exactly that over a number of years.”







Did they really put Dirt rally 1.0 on low quallity photo for comparation!? even on ps4 monte looks better, then this comparation picture for difference with 2.0 (which its for sure on ultra quality)

i like the return of location, but miss the 2001 Focus and 037

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32 minutes ago, Ruben Correa Alves said:

Good luck in that little tunnel as well.

Thanks. Please tell me that isn't true.

Damn why stage recycling, everbody drive these routes without pacenotes.

Omg, I could scream how annoying is that to drive again only old routes with thousand mirrored and reversed sections.

Really disappointing!

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19 minutes ago, Straight91 said:

Thanks. Please tell me that isn't true.

Damn why stage recycling, everbody drive these routes without pacenotes.

Omg, I could scream how annoying is that to drive again only old routes with thousand mirrored and reversed sections.

Really disappointing!

Yeah my opinion as well. It will be awesome to drive these stages again with the new effects and features found in DR2.0, but I'm afraid that the season 1 stages are going to last a fraction of the time the base game stages will last, because we already know them so well.

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My take ,

Pros : 

Monte Carlo. I'm surprised that it's returning  given all the licensing talk, but it's a welcome return.

3 rallies in total including a snow rally makes me very excited.

Wrc/definitely not wrc (wink wink) cars returning which is brilliant, hope it's an 07 Subaru though.


No Ireland, big missed opportunity.

No new locations, I feel this may be taken badly by members of the community, though I'm happy to have any 3 locations.


I dislike the staggered release very much, I'd rather have the whole lot in one.


Biggest con : I fear codemasters may have very little intention of implementing new rally locations, and will instead release other dr1 content in the future if sales are up.

I don't get much of a sense that they are working on implementing new locations. Hopefully I'm  wrong.

Overall I class my reaction as 'satisfied' 

I'm not blown away or surprised by the release in a positive manner, that being said, 9 rallies is 9 rallies. Big plus in the grand scheme.

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1 hour ago, VirtuaIceMan said:

Bear in mind two life rally events often reuse stages from year to year. I haven't heard many rally drivers day it's boring as they raced the same stages last year lol

They don't race the same stages thousands of times on end, though.

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Im happy they are giving us the old DR 1 locations, but my concern is will they give us the other 3 (Greece, Wales and Finland)? Because they would be my preference if I had to choose, especially as Finland deserves the new aero physics to finally be played properly. But as long as those ones are definitely coming at some point, Im happy, as it would be crazy not to include them as well.

I was expecting that Season one and two would have to have 2x RX locations each thus making up the 4 extra tracks for the promised full RX season. But with only 3 new locations promised in season 2 DLC Im wondering how they are gonna do this unless they know something we dont and there will definitely be a season 3 (and 4?) as well?

What I would love to see is Season 2 being the other 3 DR 1 locations (surely they cant miss the opportunity to bring them back too?!) and that the other 4 RX locations are given as free DLC.

That would leave us with a massive game compared to DR 1 and the amount of total content I always wished DR 1 had : 12 locations in both Rally and RX is enough to call it a proper rally game with a full world season in both disciplines.

Having said that, how awesome would it be if we actually then get some extra new locations in a 3rd and 4th (and 5th and 6th) season!

I mean, thats the kind of approach I think they need to have, and this will likely happen if the sales are decent enough but I'd like them to lean towards making a step of faith and just (unless Dirt 2 totally tanks of course) releasing more DLC without over analysing the sales figures. Because if they release new Rally locations PEOPLE WILL BUY THEM, and would have bought them if Codies had released them 3 years ago with DR 1! There simply is not enough content available in the Rally genre and people are starving for more. I hope Codemasters will see this, because if it wasnt true then DR 1 would not have done so well even though it had a rather measly 6 locations.

And to "sort of" quote Homer Simpon "When it comes to locations, rally fans are ravenous bloodsucking monsters; always wanting more, more, MORE!


P.S. Would love to see Pikes Peak make a surprise return too! :classic_tongue:

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