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DiRTy Gossip


Message added by PJTierney,

Did you know that the long-time members of this thread have had a DiRTy Gossip Discord server for a while?

You do now 😉 



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13 minutes ago, LutzM said:

Ok guys, it's nearly impossible to follow the Discord channel when you live a life with work, a wife & 2 kids.

I'll keep concentrating on the Gossip thread here on the forums...

They’re probably not talking about sitcoms on there though

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2 minutes ago, tbtstt said:

I watched the UK Office, but didn't love it. Ricky Gervais character is just too much in places! I like Steve Carell so I should really give it a spin, just for him. 

(Slightly off topic but have you ever seen Office Space? Love that film, but no one has ever seen it!)

For me it's the best thing Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have done by a significant margin (and I love Shaun... & Hot Fuzz). Like Fawlty Towers there are only a handful of episodes, but I could watch it endlessly. 

Ricky Gervais' version was irritating, Steve's version is lovable but in a dopey "I'm a great manager" way, can't think how to describe it.

I do love Shaun and HT so will give it a whirl when I've finished watching TGP again, halfway through! 😎

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35 minutes ago, TheFlyingTuga said:

Found the perfect socks to play DR2.0

I've placed my order hahaha Hopefuly they get here in time

Quattro Socks


They also have the @tbtstt special edition


Scooby Socks

HOLY **** THEY HAVE E30 SOCKS!!!! Well there goes $12 I didn't need anymore...



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13 hours ago, teknoid85 said:

hello @F2CMaDMaXX

you are betatester,right?

on wich gpu you have tested the game?

how will it run on an overclocked gtx970 4gb (1368mhz)  on 1080p and  all on ultra  with 60fps?

Oh cool, I can't save responses in drafts like it used to...

I have a 960 and the only thing I can say is... mixed results. Frankly I hope the graphics get an update. Sometimes I'll get 70fps, and sometimes I'll get 30. I'm no longer really able to play in triple screens like I could with DR and D4, even on low settings.

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