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Message added by PJTierney,

Did you know that the long-time members of this thread have had a DiRTy Gossip Discord server for a while?

You do now 😉 



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I think some of you are looking at those BGM sport things and getting a bit ahead of reality, specifically about the Aston in the background.

To me the situation looks like this;

The location was Turweston aerodrome near Silverstone. 

BGM Sport are based in Brackley, a matter of minutes down the road. 

Aston Martin Racing are based in Banbury, also just down the road and regularly use Turweston as a shakedown venue. 

It seems that it was just coincidence that both were there at the same time. Maybe making use of a runway booking together. 

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1 hour ago, lindbergtommie said:

So this could mean one more free slot for putting custom liveries in the game? :classic_smile:

To be fair she said "plain black and white liveries" so that'll mean two potential slots for customs! 


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16 hours ago, JZStudios said:

It's a joke against @dgeesi0 Block crashed due to malfunction and therefore he's the worlds worst driver and a terrible person, even just casually watching his co-driver burn. He didn't have a malfunction in the car with it not shifting gears and banging off the limiter, he eyeballed that rock and said "[redacted] this car!" according to dgeesy. So I just post how horrible he is and how many people he murders. It's an in-joke.


Case in point. Everyone talks like he's an awful person and the worst driver in the world despite everything pointing to the contrary. It's called irony.

I wouldn't expect outsiders to know about Kebab pizza, car washes, helicopters, water splashes, or Quetzalcoatl either.

fine, but make it clearer next time please. you confused many of us here - just look at all the posts about it, some agreeing with you without having seen the video and others like mine wonder what on earth you were talking about

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1 hour ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

I think the Aston in game might have been recorded there too.

Good things for DR2 for sure, can't wait till they announce ore stuff 🙂

Ore stuff? Is there going to be some kind of mining minigame? :classic_tongue:

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10 hours ago, chukonu said:

Can't ******* wait!

Dammit, the censorship on this forum is all over the place. *****.


Also, for anyone interested, Grid Autosport is free on Game Sessions right now. I've now gotten the entire Grid series for free.

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18 hours ago, RichWard25 said:

I think some of you are looking at those BGM sport things and getting a bit ahead of reality

Is this your first time in the Gossip thread? Reading too much into things (and frequently deviating from reality) is how we do things here! 😄

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So if the 99 WRC Impreza is really on the Horizon, 

Where would it be? It is Not a Group A car but has competed against the Group A Lancer as well as the 2000 Focus WRC.

And putting it in Group A would be a Major disadvantage for the rest (Escort, Legacy, Delta, 95 impreza...)

What I would like to see is the introduction of multi-class Cars:

Create a new "Millenial" class, where the "22B" is. Make the Lancer eligible to enter "Group A" as well as "Millenial".

If the '00 Focus comes as dlc make it eligible to enter "2000ccm" as well as "Millenial" 

If we assume the Subaru is coming, where Do you think it would fit class-wise? Putting it into either one of the existing ones just feels wrong imho

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I have been suggesting a late 90's class for a while now (purely for the Evo VI and S4/S5 Impreza WRCar to sit in), but the only thing that occurred to me the other day was that, if the Evo VI were to be moved, they would have to reset the Group A leaderboards.

Perhaps a "Group A+" Evo VI could be added to a pre-2000 2000cc class with the S4/S5 Impreza? (the late 90's Evo VI was beyond Group A specification, even though it was still classed as Group A). Maybe an Escort WRCar as well? 

Ideally we could then have something like a 2000 - 2006 2000cc class (including the Mk.1 Focus, S7 Impreza WRCar and the Fabia).

Then 2007 onwards 2000cc for the Mk.2 Focus, Citroën C4 and the S14 WRCar. 

Three cars per 2000cc sub-group would br enough to justify the split and would give a lot of scope for further expansion. 

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I would extend that group to as far as 2001, max. Otherwise the gap between cars gets too big and we'll never have a balanced class like the R5.

The 2001 season already accounts for a potential Xsara coming to the game, with all the facelifts and thingy, and it keeps the class fairly balanced. There's nothing better than a balanced class where you see multiple cars being chosen, just like the R5. Otherwise it gets boring pretty quick. This way we can have a 1999-2001 class, which is very close together and balanced and it includes all the golden cars we want, including the Corolla.

As far as I can recall, 2001 is the only year that all these golden cars compete together in the same season: Lancer Evo VI, Corolla (although privateer), Subaru Impreza 2001 and privateers running the 2000 version, Peugeot 206, Citroen Xsara, Ford Focus, SEAT Cordoba (although I think SEAT pulled off in the first half of the 2001 season), Hyundai Accent, SKODA Octavia. 2001 is the year to look for, and I would define this as the maximum year for the class to be honest. Check the cars out in this video, i already set it to start on the right time: 

This is where the Lancer Evo VI got replaced by VII and it screwed up Makinen's fight for the championship. I hope that car never makes it into the game, total waste 😄 


I only see the Xsara being able to compete with these early 2000s this way, because otherwise the Xsara starts being dominant 2003 onwards and we'll have again 90% of the people picking one car in the esports, which is lame. In DiRT World Championship we only saw people using Hyundai i20 and the Lancia Delta. Boring.


If you want the 2003 blue bumper, just drop a livery on it.

On the modern ones we already have the Focus 2007, Impreza 2008, Fabia 2006/7, and the C4 which is a good balanced class already. The 2003/5 Subaru are roughly the same looking car, and it could join this group if it ever comes. There's also the 307cc and the Lancer WRC which can also join this group later on.

If we start mixing all these cars with the old 2001s, things will get messy because suspension and engine technology has advanced despite being the same WRC regulations, so this is the best way I could think of doing it.

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14 minutes ago, sqdstr said:

An early WRC car class would be awesome with Impreza S4/5 WRC, Escort WRC, Cordoba WRC, Focus WRC, 206 WRC, Octavia WRC. The Corolla WRC would be the cherry on the cake but most unlikely.

if i can choose 1 toyota, then the frogeye celica, without any doubt

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All these ideas are great, i would give anything for some of these cars. I would give all the current issues with the game a free pass if they put that subaru in the game. 

But is it a realistic possibility to have these sort of cars given that we don’t know if season 3 will exist yet? 

And when the 2000’s class was initially omitted from dr2 (all 4 cars from the previous game) people on here said it was probably due to licensing reasons. If that is the case, then i don’t know how they are going to get a bunch more cars if they were barely able to get the previous wrc cars in, albeit at a later date.  


That’s not to say i don’t live in hope though!


Edit: not sure what is causing the strikethrough 😩

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Even if this class would only come in Season 3 I guess nearly everyone would go for it. Those are the best looking cars in rally and some of the fastest to date. There's something special about 2000cc engines, and they sound amazing.

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