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Message added by PJTierney,

Did you know that the long-time members of this thread have had a DiRTy Gossip Discord server for a while?

You do now 😉 



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38 minutes ago, koog2003 said:

So I am definitely confused here lol. 

Correct me if I am wrong. What I understand from you is: Dirt Rally 2.0 does not have any of the Word Rally Cars because it does not have a license for it. While it has World Rally Championship cars because (R5) those dont require a license. So what exactly are the R5 cars or the R2 cars ?

Which are the cars that are going to officially compete in the Word Rally Championship of 2020 then and what is the difference between those and the R5 version ?

R5 cars are an FIA approved ruleset that is used in the World Rally Championship 2nd and 3rd tier (WRC2 class and WRC3 class). Most national and continental rally championships also use this as a top class.

WRC cars, the ones that are used in the World Rally Championship top class, are a ruleset homologated exclusively by the championship, who also hold the promoter rights. Basically, it's only a 'WRC' car the WRC say it is. There are only four types that have been homologated in the current ruleset - those four you identified in your post.

Although the WRC and R5 cars both use the same base models, have 4x4 and have 1.6l turbo engines, they're very different builds.


The other 'R' classes (which have been renamed again this year, just to be even more confusing) are FIA approved rules. R2 and R5 are the most common ones, R4 used to be the production-based cars like in DR1 and DR2, but have been replaced by a new R4 'silhouette' class moving forward. RGT is homologated on a car-by-car basis, based on power-to-weight output. R3 is 2wd with high power-to-weight ratios but not many are made any more. R2 is FWD cars that are used for Junior WRC class.


Wow, just typing that out makes me realise how confusing all this is!


Next week, the global structure of GT racing.....

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Good overview there @tbtstt. Maybe also need to say that there are different era of World Rally Car regulations:

- 1997 till 2010: 2.0L turbo engines (300bhp)
- 2011 till 2016: 1.6L turbo engines (300bhp), smaller cars, based on Super 2000 platform, but more freedom for development.
- 2017 (current): 1.6L turbo engines (380bhp), a kinda extreme version of the previous generation 1.6L WRC

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49 minutes ago, tbtstt said:

VERY basic comparison:

Ford Fiesta WRC:


4WD. 1600cc turbo charged 4 cylinder engine. 36mm turbo restrictor. Approximately 380 BHP. 

Ford Fiesta R5:


4WD. 1600cc turbo charged 4 cylinder engine. 32mm turbo restrictor. Approximately 290 BHP. 

Ford Fiesta R2:


2WD. 999cc turbo charged 3 cylinder engine. Approximately 200 BHP. 

One point worth making even if we’re keeping it basic is that none of these cars have any interchangeable parts i.e. you cannot upgrade an R2 to an R5 nor an R5 to a WRC

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22 minutes ago, Jack4688 said:

One point worth making even if we’re keeping it basic is that none of these cars have any interchangeable parts i.e. you cannot upgrade an R2 to an R5 nor an R5 to a WRC

Yes and no. You can upgrade an R2 car to a Super 1600 RX car (with the R5 body kit), but yeah the engine won't be really usable. 😛 

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16 hours ago, SquirrelEsquire said:

Xbox Gamepass has kind of turned things on their heads in the past year or so, probably making any past sales metrics irrelevant regarding future plans. I wonder to what degree that will influence things as the future is looking very subscription based.. which frees up funds to potentially allow more players to upgrade to wheel & pedals. Then you've got them hooked 😂

Forza Horizons has been the (free) gateway drug for a lot of people to get into Sim racing. I'm surprised Microsoft haven't been more aggressive in buying up studios like SMS to capture that prolific post-Forza spending people do when branching out. 

Why would a subscription service of $10/month give people more money than a single $40-60 purchase? Much less the $400 for a wheel?


10 hours ago, Johnnnn said:

I agree, but it's dumb and very annoying, right?

Sure, but people don't really use the sub forums, so I guess they're trying to promote them. Why they don't do a standard forum layout and have a "home page" with all the subforums listed for general, technical, suggestions, etc. I don't know.

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I’m still unsure on gamepass, I said before I got it on that ridiculously l stupid deal where I paid £1 and got it for 3 years. It’s really good and I’ve played a lot of games on it, but whether I would get my money’s worth out of it paying normally I don’t know. It would have to be really good to convince me to start paying for it properly. I pay for Netflix because I watch something on there nearly every night, but I don’t always play gamepass games every night at the moment

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23 minutes ago, dani211212 said:

To Bad DR2.0 comes to a End, as We could use this beauty in up2000ccm 

MMR are very passioned with the car, so I think they are more that helpfull to get the car scanned and sound recorded to bring a perfect digital version to DR2.0 or a future DiRT title.
Licensing i don't know, Mitsubishi have always been in the game, and also i have the feeling MMR can help with it.

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8 minutes ago, SRD_SimVansevenant said:

I just finished the iconic 'Heat for Hire' Ford Sierra RS Cosworth livery and couldn't resist posting it here as well... LOOK AT IT!!! 😮 FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!!!

Download link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/r-brookes-lombard-rac-rally-1989.30836/#lg=attachment348311&slide=0


Super cool! wish there was more than 1 slot for Sierra.

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