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Message added by PJTierney,

Did you know that the long-time members of this thread have had a DiRTy Gossip Discord server for a while?

You do now 😉 



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I suggest the next Codemasters title be "Colin McRae Subaru DiRT Rally 555" featuring all Subarus ever made for rally, complete with history lessons, explanation of 22b (FPS mode, kill the guy that uses 22b [edit: w/flamethrower]).

A special version of Rosetta stone:  How to pronounce Subaru and Impreza properly (there is no T in imprezzza!).  Bonus lesson on Aluminum. :lol: 

Beat Colins time and it will play a video of him denouncing his relationship with Ford with a video of all the crashed up Fords along with ONLY Subarus drifting. 

Hillclimb mode: Race agains other subarus in heaven (thats all they drive up there!) 

eh @kickup , @tbtstt ..  are you on board?  Have I offended everyone here? :wink: 

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KevM said:

Most agressive hardcore looking Impreza, ever, bar none - fact!
I'm not that enthused by the majority of road going hawkeye Imprezas, but the S12b looks so mean, especially in tarmac spec.

I'm torn between the the S12b and S11 when trying to decide what is the best looking latter generation Impreza World Rally Car!
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Darhour said:
To my knowledge, it is Impreza GC8D; the one used as a homologated 1997 WRC car.

I kid you not
GC8D is the correct chassis code for any Impreza saloon produced in 1997. The Impreza in the picture...

...would have started life as a two door (Type R) shell, so technically GC8D2DD.  

Once completed by Prodrive the car received a new chassis designation and a new data plate, which would look a bit like this:

Super useless fact: the car in the first picture is chassis #12 (PRO/WRC/97012) from the 1997 season. 
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