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Did you know that the long-time members of this thread have had a DiRTy Gossip Discord server for a while?

You do now 😉 



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Nothing says they can't/won't release info on Thursday and follow up with the Roadbook on Friday.

I kind of suspect that to be the case actually, Whilst @xtinamcgrath puts plenty of work into the Roadbook, her 'exclamation' of the work she's doing/getting ready this week suggests far more than just getting the Roadbook ready for us Gannets. 

Besides, I doubt any full size announcement would be restricted to just the Roadbook, this is going to the press i'm betting :)
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BadD0g said:
tbtstt said:
You'll never break me! 
(Unless you've got beer, then there is a strong possibility I can be broken).
I'll tell you everything for a box of shortbread
Evilsmurf said:
 3 packs of chocolate hobnobs or I ain't sayin nothin :p
Wait a minute... could this be a ploy to get free food?

I'm a man of my word. If food is provided I will deliver the goods. I don't think @JZStudios can get a delivery to me in time though. 
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Lynx2000 said:
edgenz said:
About to head off to sleep on this side of the world.
Can't wait to wake up to news that Dirt Rally 2.0 New Zealand Real Estate Kebab Edition is available for download!!!
Hey Don't forget the Toyota 22b e2
How silly of me.... I meant to say Hayden Paddon Dirt Rally 2.0 New Zealand Real Estate Kebab in a 22b e2 Edition
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KevM said:
Hope they do a Big Lee!!

"New game is cool, oh and you can get it now...."

(if thats the case, I WILL pull a sicky & go home - lol)
Would be awesome if they did! But I suspect it's more of a regular approach this time. But yeah, my cold might suddenly get way worse if they'd release today ;-)
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KevM said:
There'll be a Storm alright, when Christina makes a "big" announcement today about DiRT VR for PS4  :D
I mean, that is all you're hoping and waiting for, right?...
hmmm looks at both hands. is it just the road book or something else ? :D

runs round in circle.checks gossip page again and twitter :p
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Quick Google Translate:

New game launches with Petter Solberg in the lead role
 By Simen Næss Hagen / Published: 26th January 2017
 Photo: Simen Næss Hagen
Photo: Simen Næss Hagen
Tree Dreamer aftermath success DiRT Rally released today, where the Norwegian motorsport star has a central finger in the pie.

There are games company Codemasters who has developed this in collaboration with the rally driver Kris Meek and rallycross driver Petter Solberg, and not least Petters son Oliver. The latter has in fact been heavily involved in testing and development, and has become well acquainted with the developers - that should count around 250 man.

At 13.00 Norwegian time Thursday presented Codemasters descendants after DiRT Rally, which was first released almost two years ago on PC.

- I have worked long with the English, grinning Petter Solberg opposite Parc Fermé when he talks about the recordings of his voice.

The desire of McRae family
For rally and rally cross world champion was in fact involved at the request of the family of Colin McRae. For when the Scottish rally star, who died in a helikopiterulykke in 2007, made his breakthrough on the gaming front through the 2000s, had already Petter insight closely in the development of racing.

Colin McRaes game series started with Colin McRae Rally 1 in 1998 and eventually evolved to Colin McRae DiRT. After his death it was Ken Block who took over part of the profile around the game with both DiRT 2 and DiRT 3.

Now it is Petter being the main star is, which also says that Kris Meek is on the team.

- Actually, the plan was that I should take over the franchise after Colin died, but at that time I had a deal with Microsoft I could not exit. But Colin and I tested a lot of games around the hotel and such. His wife wanted me to take over, and now I have the opportunity, says Solberg.

Oliver heavily involved
And as mentioned, son Oliver have also on their own initiative and desire contributed.

- It has been his own desire. He became good friend with the developer of the game, has met all the gang and been down there with them and tested several times. But I've also been there on several occasions and tried some himself.

- So you can tackle Oliver at stake?

- Hehe, no. Oliver is a good deal better than me. I trailing there.

- But can games be used in any preparation for you in the professional?

- Of course. You get trained on concentration and pathways are quite similar. One gets also experienced working with different cars when the cars are different. In the previous game so was my car (see photo, journ.anm) pretty well realized, with the exception that it was perhaps a bit more controlled than in reality, says Solberg.
Screenshot: Codemasters
Screenshot: Codemasters
own courses
The latest version of DiRT, that DiRT Rally, has three branches involved; rally, rallycross and hill climb to Pikes Peak. Rallycross section, according to Petter have been developed more, which has also been in demand among fans. But he did not have any details on their feet when Parc Fermé talked with him by phone from London where the launch takes place.

- There are many cars and you can also create your own paths one can challenge his friends on online. Otherwise I do not have many details here and now, says Solberg.

Parc Fermé will be back with more information on the game at launch is completed later today ...
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god damn ! :D                                                                                                                                                                  
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