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Message added by PJTierney,

Did you know that the long-time members of this thread have had a DiRTy Gossip Discord server for a while?

You do now 😉 



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I agree with Bryskye for the most part about the rally school. But, at the same time I guess it really will help a lot of new players considering the games super steep learning curve. I was hopeless in this game until I sat down on one stage and learned, through repetition, how to do hairpins and stuff.

On the topic of a future WRC-licensed game -- On one hand, a WRC license would allow them to pursue a competitive aspect and break out into esports, gaining them twitch coverage and support from the most well-known rally organization. On the other hand, I imagine the WRC would be too harmful and controlling, like you guys say. And to be honest, CM doesn't need a WRC partnership to make tournaments/esports happen if they wanted. There's no way in hell Codies would ditch Dirt Rally's flavorful style in favor of something like WRC5. So, the only ways a WRC partnership could happen is to make both a DR2 and a seperate WRC game, or have WRC elements combined into a DR2. I highly doubt the WRC would settle for the latter because they're so stubborn.

My guesses, from most to least likely:

     • A new car
     • Rally school, although there's a few signs it's already been in the works. Not sure if Paul would create all this drama over something we've kinda known was coming.
     • New country
     • Replay sharing
     • A tournament

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My guess on Twitter was "Hookers", but I doubt that's it... 

Replay editor? 
A damage model that isn't restricted by car licensing? 
Mechanic Simulator? 
Cottage cheese? 
Tyre deformation? 
A proper driver/team creator? 
The guy dressed as Santa Claus during Rally Sweden? 
The ability to withdraw cash without it being taken out of my bank account? 

Tell meh!!! 
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I don't know why, but I guess that it can be a new car. Five years ago, we have two Renaults in Dirt 3, maybe The R5 Turbo and the Alpine might appear in DR. Or maybe Toyota...
If only the Clio Maxi was in DR...
I'm hyped about this new content and hope it will be for free.
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Just to keep the record straight regarding Porsche and it's inclusion in any CM games, it is in the original GRID (2008).  But it's available only in the career game when the player is driving as a mercenary, and in the demo.  It can't be bought or driven as a player-owned car.  I don't recall if it's available in Quick Race.
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Fairly sure that it's actually co-op rally. The question came up in a Dirt Show a couple months ago, of whether or not a co-op feature was in the cards. Paul said he always wanted to add this sort of feature as co-driving is one of his passions. He said that he'd like to release some PDFs of pace-notes by the end of the project at the very least, so that couch co-op would be possible. However we haven't heard or seen anything of the sort since 1.0. My guess is that instead of putting the effort into putting some PDFs together, he pitched a fully featured co-op rally option to the board, since it would take quite a bit of effort to get right, and it's kind of a niche feature, but maybe the success of Dirt Rally lead to the approval of such a feature proposal?

Could also just be wishful thinking. :p

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Ah OK. Co op world's be awesome but I'm not sure how the co driver would know when to shout the next instruction without being in a moving car and feeling the corners.

Perhaps it could be on a second screen like a mobile, and shows the words to say in real time then the co driver just has to shout them out?
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Hmm, let's see, split-screen?  Only useful for head-to-head stuff, so, WRX, comparatively small part of the game, also pretty foundational to the engine, i'm calling no as including it in DR at this point would be a massive overhaul.

Co-op rally?  This was suggested by people who would want to read out notes, cool sub game, *incredibly* niché and highly unlikely.  Paul dose have, has shown some written out notes, i'm not sure how much interested was vocalised about wanting them, and i don' t know where that went, certainly a very low priority, i think i remember him saying he was doing it in his own time.

Co-op also has similar foundational issues as split screen, so also going to rule this out based on #somethingapproved  being added to Dirt Rally.
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One thing that plagued all Codemasters games since over 5 years were cheaters. An actual anti-cheat has not been a part of any game CM released so far (afaik, correct me if I'm wrong) and seeing as that is now the biggest issue going with DiRT Rally, they may have gotten a green light to work on a proper anti-cheat system for their games.

More reasoning on this subject:
- Paul said it's not part of DiRT series because he was asked that, but that doesn't exclude the option of it being the case with other games as well
- he mentioned "games", not a game, which means it will not come to only DiRT Rally, so it has to be something that can be implemented in many of their games

What I think is not the case:
- Rally school - let's be honest, it's a feature that can be implemented to a very specific series of theirs and I don't think he would make so much fuss about it
- Replay editor and sharing - well, it could be implemented into many games, but at the same time DiRT 3 had an option to share and cut a specific part of the replay and cutting a piece of footage is called editing, so... count out both.
- Car/Location - very game specific and one car most likely won't fit into ALL of their games perfectly. Aside from the Impreza, I have a hard time figuring out a car that appeared both in DiRT and GRID. And I really don't think that Paul wanted one car or location that can work both in DiRT and GRID series for over 5 years for their games.

What may be the case:
- e-sports integration - this could be the thing, but without anti-cheat it's just gonna be pointless in a matter of seconds and esports haven't been a huge thing to dream about it over 5 years ago. Still possible though.

Can't really think of anything else at this point.
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