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Message added by PJTierney,

Did you know that the long-time members of this thread have had a DiRTy Gossip Discord server for a while?

You do now 😉 



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JZStudios said:
Does anyone else get periodically logged out from the forum for no particular reason?
No, but a month or two ago there was bug while login using FB account. I reported it and they fixed it. Since then www.dirtgame.com site is not able to remember my login forcing me to login each time I open a browser. At the end it's better than not being able to log-in to the forum.
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Not exacly gossip
Several pages ago people were talking about pizza, just sayin' :p

Anyway, I just received a message from Jonathan Colling, a composer of Colin McRae series:

"The full High Quality Album which includes all music from Colin McRae Rally 1,2,3,4 and 2005 is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music , Napster etc. Just search for Jonathan Colling :0) I uploaded from original master and remastered a few of the tunes too. Thanks to all of you who like my music. It means a lot to me!"

Here's some links I was able to find:
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BadD0g said:
That's awesome, @SergeyTokarev! So it's updated from the old made-to-order CD copy from Amazon?

Hmm, re-released CMR soundtrack, Dirt 3 for free... I think I smell something cooking, and it's not kebab pizza!
Maybe it's just me, but I can hear some difference in sound. I only bought an iTunes version. Tidal offers a FLAC option, but it's pricey for me (but you should check that out if you want full quality). Track length is the same, but Jonathan said himself they were remastered.
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So on the topic of randomness, I just posted this to a YouTube comment.
(Someone said it's creepy to think a girls beautiful, worse to say it.)
Why's it creepy to think it? And saying it depends on how you say it. I, for one, am a S+ Rank Creep. Just today I walked into the freezer at work to grab something, noticed a girl on the other side, then just stood there staring at her with my breath steaming until she noticed me. On the other hand, there's another girl I call beautiful and she gets all giggly, then I grab her boyfriends ass.

Ahh, true work stories.

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Okay... So I've had a life changing moment this week...

Shish, doner and chicken kebab calzone......................

:D :D Aweeeeesome! and the meat was packed in so tight the pizza shell had a hard time containing it!

On a subject much less related to all things DiRTy and Gossipy -

Congratulations to DiRT Rally team on winning TIGA award for best racing game! :D :D :D

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Hmmm... Road Book released on the same day as the Independence Day in Poland. Rally Poland confirmed for next game or polish cuisine in the playtest facility? xD
I'd definitely be charmed, can only imagine how full throttle it would be <3 basicaly kind of Finland but without the 90% air time, no trees and a bit more yellow gravel :D
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