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Message added by PJTierney,

Did you know that the long-time members of this thread have had a DiRTy Gossip Discord server for a while?

You do now 😉 



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gfRally said:
tbtstt said:
sqdstr said:
I'll wait untill the special editions are revealed and available  :)
That's what I'm waiting for!
Hey, did you know that forever sideways domain is now up for sale?  Your links now dead, unfortunately.
Oh damn. I hadn't seen that @gfRally. It's not a website I tend to visit daily so I hadn't noticed. 

I hope it returns. I did have some contact with the chap running the site a few years ago. I'll have to try and find his details and drop him a message. It was brilliant to have all the best McRae and Burns videos gathered in one place. 
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bogani said:
tbtstt said:
I would just like to add, for the umpteenth time, that I cannot wait to see the new rallycross content!
Me too. Hopefully the online mode is fleshed out this time.

A little sad it's only 2 more circuits :(
Oh yeah, more would be good, but I'm really pleased they decided to add two more "permanent" circuits, rather than the temporary tracks. Loheac was the first rallycross track I went too outside of the UK as well, so I'm even more pleased about it's selection!

I'm really excited for the the Group B rallycross car class, plus the Lites should be fun. 
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KevM said:
On a different note.  Mrs M starts back to work on Tuesday, so I have to vacate her office & relocate.

Anyone using a wheel-stand?  Can anyone recommend a good sturdy one that can fold/be put away when not in use?
I've got one of these: https://www.gtomegaracing.com/wheel-stands

They're collapsible but heavy! Not sure I'd trust to stand it on it's end, as in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG0paLf8zWE
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