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dwkGravey said:
dwkGravey said:
KickUp said: 
Basically there were a whole bunch of pre-set patterns to chose from, and you could change the colours of it, change your door numbers and apply sponsors
Yup. To clarify a bit more. This is a team branding suite that allows you to name your team, select a pattern for you cars and choose colours for the various elements of those patterns. You can also add your name, flag and race number. 
The sponsors that you have signed will appear on the car in the slots you choose.
@KickUp to be clear, the name, flag and race number will be on the car rather than the windows, right? On the fenders maybe?

Also, was the name and flag option added recently due to the feedback given or was it already planned?
Flag on roof scoop would be great.

How about blood type on older cars? :wink:
Blood type: red
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Areyouben said:
8 fresh pages of spam sweet lord.                    
They're back with reinforces... and attacked us just like japs attacked americans at hacksaw ridge, in the morning (btw. pretty good movie). 
Hold on and fight!
Praise Lord Tachanka. {}^
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Its all in the Dirt forum as well.... >____>
Just noticed that. There are a couple in the General Discussion thread:


But the rest of it seems to be contained here. As you say, it's flooding in at a ridiculous rate now. 
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Didzis said:
Well, I left at least a page worth of them at 4, so someone is gonna have a pretty satisfying flagging :D 
I just had a good run of about 10, so thanks for setting me up for that! Alas I just refreshed page 1 and there are another 10 new threads!
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