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Message added by PJTierney,

Did you know that the long-time members of this thread have had a DiRTy Gossip Discord server for a while?

You do now 😉 



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gfRally said:
Have prior DiRT games (exception or DR) been this way?  I wasn't as involved in the community back when D2/D3 where out, so I cannot compare.  Its been pretty depressing lately and, I am getting bored of the forums and D4, unfortunately.
I don't recall a huge amount of dev presence on the forum post-D2 release (though that was a while ago, so I may be forgetting something). D3 did have some interaction, though as I recall it was mainly to tell us what had happened (i.e. what was finished and when it was going to be released), rather than telling us about what was coming (or asking what we wanted). 

DiRT Rally was obviously the difference but, much like the release of the game, the approach taken for DR was rather unorthodox. I think the openness of DR spoiled us somewhat! 
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I really miss the whole DiRT Rally early access journey.  The hype and anticipation of each and every next major signposted update was accidental marketing genius.  I enjoyed the atmosphere of the forum almost as much as the game itself.  I clearly remember thinking V2 handling was a disaster for the game, but then it clicked for me and DiRT came alive.  Finland, Sweden, new cars & liveries - awesome!

I miss that...
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I did finally finish the career and since leagues aren't here yet, and I only did Pro Tour for the achievement as it feels kinda dull, I tried the World Record hunting again. And I discovered something new (for me): For the stages in the Leaderboards the conditions are locked into place, change conditions and you get no Leaderboards. BUT, car classes are not, at all. So I used this opportunity to grab myself a sweet World Record with my i20 R5 on a long stage from the Historic Legends Series ;P

Since I'm just posting it and I also had like 3-4 way too wide corners on that run, I doubt that this record will stand for long. But at least I can say I had one for some time. (Although I did manage Nr. 5 with only 1 sec to go on one of the Triple Crown stages, maybe I should work on that instead...)

But damn Codies, point being here, the drying-road setting looks and feels absolutely amazing. It's the absolute frickin best this game can look and sadly it's locked onto certain stages. Pleaaase consider unlocking this drying-road weather setting for the locations where it is possible to encounter (Wales, Australia, USA) I would love to generate some stages with it.

Anyway, I'll be unable to drive for the next 3 weeks, cause my rig is not in reach, so I hope this threads finds back some of it's old fire to make it more fun taking looks into the forums again. 

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Etirion said:
I will take anything at this point!

  • Body is 5 Kebab Pizzas too short.
You asked for it ;)

Audi S1 EKS RX

This one you might have NOT wanted to see but it could actually be fun to have such modes in DiRTFish since the handling is good there

And in general some talking about a patch coming in the next few weeks

Oh and forgot this one:

Maybe a hint to a tropical location DLC? No idea, but true DiRTy Gossipers never stop B)
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Not gossip per se, but I always enjoy Gamermuscle videos, so here's his D4 revisit:


I don't agree completely, especially with regards to ditching the track editor, but thought others may be interested.
Well he praised Paul's silky codriver voice so I cannot disagree with him, can I?
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I think that it must be Safari Rally or Malaysia like DiRT 2? Here in Argentina is still really cold, I cant remember if all the Escort Gr. A has that number plate, or the colours of a flag has been added as a clue, Italy? México? In the number plate I can see nothing, Mobil 1 is the Main sponsor of the Chilean Rally championship, they have Nice roads but I don't think Codies Will look in them for a location
Edit: Safari Rally Even won a poll in the suggestion box, and by a big margin, I hope we get some new content  :)
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