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Message added by PJTierney,

Did you know that the long-time members of this thread have had a DiRTy Gossip Discord server for a while?

You do now 😉 



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@Synck you say you're using the G27 - what steering angle have you set up? The reason I ask is that over-input is a common cause of understeer (especially with the 60's class, they have the lowest grip tyre), and if you are suffering from the FFB issues that are being reported then you might not be getting that slip feedback through the wheel. We use 270 degrees in the office for that wheel, the more you go over that the weaker the FFB is (this is the cause of the bug, which the team are working to resolve).
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Hmmm gossip material,... ( to get the topic back to gossips)
Chief Game Designer Paul was live at the UK radio with Kris Meeke and Elfyn Evans, ( I totally missed it ,.... )would he had some chat with them about the new DiRT game? or perhaps did Meeke and Evans played the game? :O 
Bring on the gossips!  
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Regarding the hairpins, in previous titles the clutch used to be fully pressed when the handbrake was engaged which allowed the rear to lock up and the fronts to free wheel. In this game, that doesn't happen in FWD and 4WD cars (it has to happen in RWD). This was to allow players to control the fronts with the brake/throttle independently to the rears, and it's this change in behaviour that I think is catching a lot of people out.

Is it the front wheel drive cars you are struggling with at hairpins? Do you try to weight shift or rely on the handbrake to pivot the car? What throttle/brake inputs are you applying?

I know it's a bit OT, but I am having similar issues with the controller (XBOne controller). I don't seem to be able to get the back end to swing around enough to get a good line round some of the tighter hairpins.

The one that was giving me the real issues was 
Bidno Moorland. There is a section where you go though a gate, through the first water splash and then down towards a tight hairpin. It's quite close to the end, in the final third of the track. I was running the Group B Lancia. It seemed like however I tried, I could not find a way of getting the car round the corner effectively. The handbrake didn't introduce enough swing and slowed the car down aggressively, not enough room on the track to get any weight transfer and the back was not swinging out when I applied power. I did try and fiddle a bit with the controller settings, but it did not produce any significant change. 

Certainly there is no where near as much swing produced by applying the handbrake as there is on say Dirt 3.

Apologies. Back to gossiping.
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I've been playing on the most hardcore settings, no hud no assists, fully manual with clutch and H pattern.

this game is leaps and bounds ahead of where the rest of the dirt series is for me, its really challenging and if played on hardcore settings offers REAL skill progression! The learning curve is huge and i know i have a long way to go, but i'm now at a level where i am enjoying the game hugely!

check out this highlight and my reaction at the end, i came third on that stage, but i feel like i earned it.

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Some in depth video's about DiRT Rally, sponsored by AMD. I guess I'll be getting me a R9 290 to be able to play this on ultra.

First look


Graphics / Particles

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Yeah, there is nothing definititive about this list it is just a selection of cars we are interested in. If a car is on there it does not mean that it will definitely be in the game. If a car is not on there it does not mean that it definitely won't.

I made it this time last year because I thought it looked cool and it was a statement of intent.
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