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24hr Gaming stream "help make a difference"

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hello all
some of yous may know me some not bit info on me i am the guy behind this https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/773101754145763328
i am always looking out to help people, thats the kind of guy i am, so while i have been away from DIRT ok bit of a bad guy sorry, i have meet more friends on the new Battlefield 1 from DICE, and one guy
next info is why i am asking for your HELP...

24hr Gaming stream help him make a difference
Please lets see if we can pass his goal, only people like you can make this happen, when gamers get together magic can happen, and what a feeling to end 2016 making the kids better in 2017, if you feel you can help in more than sharing them images and links then contact me and i can give you his private email address, lets do this.

large images for his stream and all the info you need, images are on my dropbox
his twitter page
offical video link

i am trying to get the word out more around the world and only people like you can help.
Really hope to see you there


omg can not believe some friends "or so called" friends have removed me from there page "twitter" for sending this above in a DM
thats just sad, well i know who it was lol

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