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Working dash in Grid Autosport with Dashmeter Pro (PC + Android phone)

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Just downloaded the dashmeter pro app and now i have a full working dash in Grid Autosport. :D

It features:

-Rev counter

-Rev lights

-Shift indicator



-Lap delta

and more............

You can find the app in the playstore (android only) for only 3,99

More info about dashmeter pro here: http://www.sensadigit.com/f1-201x-dirt

Here's a video of me running Dashmeter pro in Grid Autosport on 2 android phones at the same time:


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How to setup? i have follow the step, but failed.

i already setup the preferences.ini with my android ip address. Am i missing something? 
Where to put the preferences.ini and Dashmetercomm.dll in the grid autosport folder? 

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