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Rating system and rivalry overhaul

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Skip to the second paragraph if you don’t want to read the boring stuff.

Hello everyone, before I start with this thread I want to make it clear that this is an idea for F1 2017 and other future installments of the series. I made this a separate thread because this is a very big system and I didn’t want to write an extremely long comment on an ideas thread. I will however write/ have written a comment on such a thread with my other ideas that are smaller along with a link to this thread. All right let’s get into it.

Formula 1 is a very statistical sport and that’s one of the reasons why I like it. However, I don’t think that’s represented in the game that’s why I would like to see a statistics/results tab on the laptop.
Similar to F1 2010 you would be able to see your best finish, best qualifying, … But I want a lot more like how many seasons a driver has been in F1, the number of laps you have led a race, the amount of overtakes you’ve made, average places gained per grand prix, total points over your career, average career rating, and whatever more you can imagine. This is really not that big of a feature and people that don’t really care could just not look at the stats, but for the people that like them it’s a really nice touch.

And now we come at the point where I finally start with the real juicy stuff the rating system. I think the best way you could compare it is to the rating every player gets after a match in FIFA. Basically after every race you get a rating just as all other drivers. The one with the highest rating would get driver of the day from the commentators not just the one who gained the most places. But the real reason we would have this rating system is ties in with your standing with the team and the rivalry overhaul (more on those two things later). Your rating is based on the place you qualify, the place you finish the race in (after penalties), the amount of places you gained, whether you’re on the podium*,… All of these criteria have a different weight to them. The race is of course more important than your qualifying position and if you gained 8 places and finished 12th you don’t suddenly have a higher rating than the winner of that race just because the winner had pole. So the weight of these criteria is very important.

So why do we have this rating? Well this rating should be used I think for your team standing and the rivalry system. First the team standing: Currently if your last race is bad you lose like 3-4 points on your team standing but you might have won all previous races so that’s a little unrealistic. With the rating system, the team would look at your average rating from that season. That way one bad race would bring your average rating down but you could still have a high rating. The teams would have different expectations for their drivers because in a bad team you would have worse results and thus a lower rating. Or the rating should be scaled to the team you drive for. 

The rivalry overhaul: the rivalry system right now doesn’t feel all that rivalry I think and some of the criteria they use are ridiculous. In qualifying for example you get a point for the qualifying position, but also for the fastest lap which is basically two point for the same thing (unless there are penalties). So with the rating system the rivalry would look at the average of the last five races. This way a rivalry doesn’t end after 2-3 races. Even more after 5 races your rating has to be higher by a certain margin to win it, this makes it so that the rivalry could go on for a fairly long time and one bad race wouldn’t immediately cost you the rivalry. This could really spark some real rivalries I feel, it could be very rewarding to finally win it or really frustrating to lose such a tough rivalry that might have spanned over half a season or more.

*I think the podium rating should only go to second and third place because if first place gets it too  it’s just that those three get something extra over the rest but second and third don’t really gain anything to first place as being the two closest to first place. It’s very hard to explain my reasoning, you either understand me or not but this is really a minor thing.

I hope my ideas come across like I intended to. If you have any questions about it or ways you think it could be improved feel free to comment. 

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Two things. I would like it if some of these things were treated like modules that you could turn on and off. For me, I wouldn't miss the rivalry thing at all. Second, if  CM were to just dump race data to a log file, there would be a lot more options what you could do with it. Best case is someone writes a mod, worst case you import the data after each race into a spreadsheet and apply your own rules, etc. to it. What CM does for the existing career mode is fine for what it is but some people want so much more. Dumping to a log file means CM doesn't have to guess what people want beyond the basics and they don't have to spend their time developing analysis code.

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