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Bugged cars? Level 1 again.

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Half an hour ago I started the game, bought an Alfa Romeo 4c, then joined to a cat A touring car race. At the start i realized, I didn't have any upgrades.

After the race I checked my garage, and now  half of my garage is bugged(?).  Lets say my Prezteca is in the 12th garage slot, starting from there every other car is level 1 again...

WTF?! Seriously...

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What patches do you mean, @V8R3L3NTL3SS1‌ ?

I already posted the same. Both my CatC touring cars jumped from 60-70 to lvl 1 after buying some new cars. And that happend after last weeks patch for PC. I never had corrupt saves, or cars that sell for $0 or millions, though.

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to be honest I'm not sure which Patches, I'm on ps3 and I don't even know what patches are going to fix what.  @loore says that they hope to get as many fix's on one patch that they can I'm just not sure what is going to be on the patch I'm hoping at least the save game corruption for people and the zero dollar cars.

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Save files corrupt - Fixed in patch

0 Sell price issue - Fixed in patch

Repair costs - scheduled to be fixed in a patch

RaceNet liveries - Currently being investigated

AI Freezing - Currently being investigated

RaceNet Challenge - We do plan on focusing more on Time Attack, AI removal is unlikely at this time

Car stats reset - Currently being investigated

RaceNet Challenge Ghost Issues - Could you elaborate?

Cheaters getting listed - We'll keep banning them, we're also looking into more anti cheat stuff internally (and for good reason, behind closed doors)

This is what Loore posted regarding upcoming patch.
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