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Dirt Rally VR from Oculus Store does not launch


I bought this game directly through the Oculus Store.  I'm getting the "Dirt Rally VR Executable has stopped working" error dialog on my Windows desktop right after I launch the executable (during the splash screen).  According to the Windows Event Logs, the drt-vr.exe is crashing with an Application Error code of 1000.  Anyone else have this problem?

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Hello ! Same problem for me , had the game from oculus store .

What i did try : - check the game version ( the last )
                             - gave autorisation by firewall for game and oculus
                             - check the last runtime 
                             -uninstal reinstal the game 
Got the message : fail to connect to oculus  

All other game from oculus store work perfectly 

I am desapointed anyone has an idea ?


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