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Precision Racing League Grid Autosport League and Club!

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At Precision Racing League, we are looking to expand our website using a large variety of games and platforms! For example, we have multiple F12013 Leagues on PS3, Xbox360 and PC. We would like the same for Grid Autosport. Therefore, we are informing you of our Racenet club and our racing league!

Firstly, we have the requirements of the Racenet Club and to receive the benefits of a great livery designed by one of our active members!

To be a member of Precision Racing League

Secondly, we have our Grid Autosport PS3 League! The times, days and format are undecided but there is a poll in the interest thread!
The interest thread is here!

Good luck and Happy Racing!

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We're looking at a variety of cars and there's a vote on the forums. The vote is between the Mini Miglia, Formula C and Category C Touring Cars.

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