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Dear Complainers and CM

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@NWRCharger‌ maybe they meant CM is a Indy developet as in Indy.....Cars and just got the spelling mixed up? 

We are Indy! Was IndyCars slogan about 10 years back. It didn't catch on. On the down low though, Nascar is looking into buying IndyCar. Nascar bought the 2 major Endurance series here in the States. I have the board game Nascar Monopoly. ( I don't know why I brought this up but, I did.) 
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Codemasters is independent yes, but to class them as the same as the small "indie" games in the same category is not true in the slightest, indie developers often have to do such things as crowd fund games, work in such small teams as small as 1 or 2 people and have to work off their own personal money or work off no budget at all.

There is other "indie" games that did start from nothing and have gone big like  Minecraft or Haemimont Games but still they are not in the same league as Codemasters, they might be in the same category as independent or "indie" but the difference is worlds apart. 

Saying that Codemasters is "Indie" is true in the sense of category but you are using it in a derogatory way, which is highly unfair.
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I always find it funny when people throw terms around to make theselves sound smart. I have played with several different players (mostly younger). Who think that JDM stands for Japanese Drift Machine. Even had one say that CM was stupid for not knowing this and having JDM cars in a racing category, instead of Drifting. 

If someone does not know JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market. Meaning that the car was built in Japan in for Japanese drivers. So a lot of cars, can fall into this category. 

Indie is one of those terms that get thrown around that people really have no idea what it means.
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Well, 'indie' isn't a strictly defined term, so everyone sees something different in it.
You could say, that anything but EA, Ubisoft and Activision is indie, if you like.
For me, a studio can be called indie, if it just develops games, is in that independent of any publisher that forces deadlines on them or has anything to say about the content. A studio that hasn't got the capabilities of publishing a game on itself, meaning pressing discs, do commercials etc.
Codemasters has 3(?) studios and publishes their games mostly on their own. They may not be a major like the 3 big players, but still no indie anymore. The studio gets a certain budget for a title from the headquarter, a deadline and some politics like DLCs. The people working in the studio don't have a completely free hand on how to design the game. They may have their freedoms but in the end they do as they're told. -> not indie.

...but this is just my personal view/definition of the term indie on game companies.
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Loore said:
Proper testing cost $. Might as well skip it. - We've got a dedicated QA Team and we do test our games. Unfortunately it's the nature of software development that bugs occur and even those with an army for a QA department suffer from a few unwanted issues sliding through unnoticed. We are working hard to get con
@Loore I would test CM games for free :)
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"quality testing" 
I seriously doubt about the meaning of quality there.
I would do a search but I think that every Codemaster consumer (I own just about every racing game from them) knows that every latest game from Dirt to Grid and F1 has this corrupt save game problem, EVERY.DAMN.GAME.ALWAYS. 
Why? One would think that after 2 or maybe 3 games they'd learn, it doesn't seem to be the case. 
But after a few disappointments I decided that I don't want to buy any more DLC, and since I think this might be the end of the Grid series (seriously, what else can they do? this is just feels like a DLC for Grid 2) I don't think I'm buying anymore. Same with F1 games, it's just a roster update and a couple of new tracks, but hey, let's charge 50€, I totally fell for it, well, no more.
I really like the games but every damn game is the same: corrupt saves; poorly coded AI with cars 100 times heavier than your car that makes you spin by just looking slightly at them; etc.
After so many years pouring money into some great games, I think that I'm at the end of this relationship where it seems that my (and many others) opinion doesn't count since they keep making the same mistakes over and over again in the next game.  
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