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PC League - Full F1 2016 Calendar Season - Drivers wanted.

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Hello all, 

I am interested in creating a league for Drivers to test their Skill on the PC. 

League Format

AI Difficulty - Ultimate* (Although hoping for many Human drivers)
Car Performance Level - Realistic
Tracks - Full F1 2016 season. 
Assists - All assists allowed. 
Practice Type - Short (One 30 minute session)
Qualifying - Short Qualifying
Race - 25%
Race dates - 1 Race every Sunday (GMT 19:00 / 7PM)
Weather - Dynamic
Collisions - On
Car Damage - Full**
Formation Lap - On
Starts - Manual

*AI Difficulty I find better to be at ultimate because any difficulty lower than that causes early braking points, slow straight line speed etc and can be a hindrance to good drivers. This is negotiable so let me know if you feel otherwise would be better. 

**Car damage again is negotiable so let me know what you think would be best suited. 

I plan on this being a fully legit season, so I only want good, competitive and clean drivers. 

If anyone would like to participate please add me on steam and we can have a chat about you joining.

I have created a group on Steam which we will all be able to use to communicate. I will post updates on their when a seat is taken etc. 

Username - WidescreenJamie or pounderj

Upon adding me on steam I would like to know what teams seat you would like to take. I will have a spreadsheet where I can assign peoples seats/cars. 

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Are there places still available? I'm currently racing on Hard difficulty level. Am I even good enough?

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Why assists allowed? It is funny that people complain AI is braking to fast, when you use ABS in Formula1.

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I cant find you on steam. Could you add me?
steam: omerb2 and I can race for Sauberr.

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Hi Jamie! I just sent you a friend request over Steam, I'm [BTW_F1] Ruben.
Are there any seats available?
I usually race in Legendary difficulty, but ? have been racing online and I'm not having bad results. You can check one of my Youtube videos if you want to have a better Idea of what i can do on track though.

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