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What's up with online Custom Match ghost sessions?

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So, I noticed this happened first a couple of weeks ago and it kept happening sporadically since, reaching its peak about 10 minutes ago.

Basically, ghost sessions keep lingering about in the Custom Match selection screen in Custom Cup - online. This is how the session list looked like for me tonight:

Basically the two sessions showing 2/12 players are accessible. None of the other can be joined nor will disappear from the list.

It didn't bother me before but it's now become quite annoying seeing that 6 out of 8 sessions are in fact "bait". That and the fact that activity in the lobbies is now officially at GRID 2 levels again, obviously...

So, anyone else stumbled upon this on PC? Is it just me, or can we add this issue to the already interminable list?

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