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@loore read please , question for people that have had data corruption?


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I tried playing, I really did, but what is the point now???  My data is corrupt and each and everytime I play I must be on a new car.  God, this sucks.  ALL OF YOU BACK UP YOUR SAVE DATA RIGHT NOW CAUSE UNTIL THEY FIX THIS IT WILL NO DOUBT GO CORRUPT AND POSSIBLY EVEN AFTER THE FIX....................................JUST SAYING!!!

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Loore, any news ???
It's been more than a month now that we deal with those corupted files and the main thread is now closed !!!
Anything in sight to give us some hope ?
Getting borred swaping PSN accounts and inviting my friends to 2nd account only for one game. Even worse, I must install patches and update using main account then swap it to play !!!
we are now in august... bug started first days of jully.
Give us some new please !
And ''Soon'' have been said LAST MONTH. :(
Even PSN + is useless, I have it and it just automaticly erased my good save with a corupted one overnight, so we have no protections about it.

What does it take to get it fixed ? Man hours ?
Delay new features until fix is done so guys can play...

ZalexQC (actually using useless 2nd account and totaly desperate)
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Just got home and thought I would check to see if garage slots was available for ps3, but I have corrupt data.  I am so f'n pissed.  So, now I cant even play or what???????

Jerrymackturner: Sorry to tell you that you join the group waiting in line for this patch. :( 
More than a month now than I play with a second account and all those hours will be waste when I go back to first account.
If you do still use original PSN account, you reset your save game...boum, no more, all hours spent are gone.  Yes, it does suck ! :(
SO better not touching it and play with another one, in case they ever release a fix. but more than a month after it happened, i'm loosing hope and my mind.

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I want to play my game and not some ridiculous pseudo game where my stats are started over again each and every time I play since my main game save is tainted by a corrupt save.  Seriously, how can you guys put out a game that seems to have never been tested in the real world since it has had game breaking issues since day 1.  I just don't get how you could go from making toca 2 and 3 to making Grid which was somewhat disappointing to me and then Grid 2 which in my opinion was horrendous and then this which is the apology to Grid 2 and it is riddled with problems that seem to not even be deeply hidden, something that could have and should have easily been found before release, almost as though you guys just said F it, let's release it and then later we can try and figure out what the various issues are.  So sad, to see this is the apology for Grid 2.  Im afraid to see what the apology for Grid Autosport is going to be, but I am confident it will be riddled with issues that were likely easily identified yet still rushed to meet a deadline and then later some poor shmoe like @Loore will find himself at the chopping block everyday because the company he works with puts the dollar before their consumers.  I promise you, I will never again purchase a codemasters game until it has been out in the wild for over a month and I have read the feedback as to how it performs and what devious restrictions you have intentionally put into the game to simply make more money by selling upgrades that will unlock aforementioned devious restrictions like garage slots and xp boosters.  You guys take the low for any game I have purchased in the past year and that includes games I have purchased from EA.

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