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why don't people like Autosport?

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I only played like 200 races online and have now retired my Xbox 360 but I thought Autosport is great. But then I come on here to see F1 news and lots of comments saying Autosport is a debacle

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Why don't people like Autosport?

Because it's broken & doesn't work.

The game corrupts its own save files, losing all all progress, XP, in-game credits, etc.
In-game leaderboards don't work.
Cars in players' online garage get corrupted & become inaccessible.
Bought cars reach a point where repairing them costs more than credits awarded.
...Etc. ...

Grid AutoSport could have been great if only it actually worked.

Maybe you've been one of the lucky ones so far who has not (yet) been affected by the game's defects, but for many others, we paid full retail price for an useless disc.

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