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Coupé Style Car Pack available today!

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Loore said:

Hi all, as I'm sure you've seen but I just got word from Sony that this was fixed, sorry about that.


That car can't have custom liveries due to licensing restrictions from Nissan.

Wow!! i didn´t know that,....curious. Anyway, is not Murphy nor angel nor nothing, everythings fine!!.

INFO: NOW in PSN Store EU (Spain) and in the game menu appears all the content free with seasson pass:

Black Edition Content (empty content. I suposse because i got it a month ago and there´s no possible to re-download..)

5x Slot Garage

Boost Turbo Pack

British Cars Pack

Coupé Cars Pack.

Everything remarked as free. 5 items. And working.

Thanks a lot; salute!!

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Loore said:

I am on ps3 and downloaded the coup pack content freely as I am a season pass holder, but still the garage slots content is still not available.

Good news about the Coupe pack, can anyone else confirm the garage slots not downloading if you're a PS3 Season pass owner?

If you could let me know if you are part of the Europe or North American store that will help greatly.

We just bought the season pass (EU), and downloaded the coupé pack but the cars are not available in custom cup? I can't seem to find them anywhere.

Edit: same with the Best of British pack, downloaded and installed it but i cannot find the content anywhere ingame.

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