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Whats about COOP???????????

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It's so quiet about the Coop mode :\
I want to know if the Coop mode is in F1 2014???
And if the answer is yes...what is be improved???

I have learned that nothing is clear when CM doesn't say a word...remember 2012 (Championship Mode) and 2013 (Practice 1 and 2).

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ocesc68 said:
I hope it's not there.

I can see the point why ppl like it, but I found it just annoying!

And don't come with the smart "Then don't play it" move. I have to, because there are trophies for it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: 
Coop is the only way to play full qualifying and a full season with my mate online so i hope it is there...
Would be cool if CM made a rival mode too...but i dont expect too much ^^

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Hatta said:

Still no answer...i don't wonder if its not in...cm did answer on the same questions every time but quiet about coop...

It's in. :)

That's just great news Hatta, i was afraid of it being left out...

Is the gamemode enhanced vs. the older titles ?

Can you by any means confirm if this mode also is in the next gen title ? or is this only revealed after the f1 14 launch?

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I just tested this with next door neighbour.......Co-Op not playable over LAN.

I have no intentions of even playing LAN....I literally untangled the wires behind the TV, uprooted my Xbox, took it to someone else house and tested this all for you........

Still, as I am typing, I have no idea why I just did that  :D
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